Want to play cyberpunk?Just create a version by yourself

Last year, “Cyberpunk 2077” reached an unprecedented level of popularity. Everyone is discussing it. Those who don’t play games have heard about it. Almost everyone wants to bring their field closer to the world of “Night City”.

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In the eyes of game developers, “Cyberpunk 2077” has naturally become an object of imitation, but it is indeed a very difficult thing to build a metropolis with open scenes like “Night City”.

Since it is difficult to produce huge open plots and scenes, can “Night City” be made into a small demo? Unity University students Liu Hengyi, Jiang Runi, and Zhou Lexin thought of the most popular game genre-FPS first-person shooter games.

Make the map alive

It’s not an exaggeration to use a hundred schools of thought to describe the current FPS gunfight games. “Call of Duty”, “DOOM” and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, some not only have PC terminals, but also mobile game terminals. As a stand-alone game, a brand new How does a cyberpunk-style shooter compare to these well-known games?

Years of gaming experience has allowed Jiang Runi to see the problems of these games: “Call of Duty”, “DOOM”, and “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds”, they all have interactive online modes, but the number of maps in their versions is relatively fixed, players want To play a brand-new map, you need to wait for the big update of the game, and it takes time to wait for the update. If you are a more serious player, repeating a map will gradually lose its freshness. Once the player has level memory, the overall difficulty of the game will be reduced. .

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“It’s the same snow map every time. You know where to find supplies, where to stay, and where the enemy will hide. Isn’t that too boring?” Jiang Runi told Xiao U: “Our first consideration is Adding the elements of random maps, hoping to improve the game experience of players, this is the most different place between us and games such as chicken.”

But it is not easy to generate a random map. If the computer generates the map automatically, the operation will be very difficult, and the generated map will take up a lot of game space and affect the game speed.

Liu Hengyi, who designed the game mechanism, thought of the random dungeon scene in the 2D mini game he played when he was a child, and re-spliced ​​several fixed map modules to form a new map, just like a mathematical arrangement and combination, randomizing several map modules randomly The permutation and combination of to generate different maps will show a variety of map effects.

Student Liu told Xiao U: “For a stand-alone FPS game, the difficulty setting of the level is very important. It will affect the playability of the overall game. Considering the randomness, if the random factor is too large, it may weaken the designer. The control and strength of the level design, so the advantage of random dungeons is that we design the levels, and then randomly stitch them into a large Demo, so that players can pass the level, so that the random factors of the game are achieved. The game level design Control is reached.”

Although the modular design and stitching of the map takes into account the randomness of the map and the difficulty of the level, it makes the scene rendering more difficult.

“Because the entire map scene is for random maps, it will randomly group together to generate game maps, so we have no way to get the entire map, the entire set of art resources, we can only take apart all the art resources and remove all the exterior walls of the building. Disassembled. Then manually build them one by one, designing 9 different modules.” Scene design classmate Zhou Lexin told Xiao U.

In Xiao U’s view, even if it is still a little far away from the grand scale and feasting of the “Night City”, the shadow of the former can be seen in these architectural scenes, such as the neon sign on the street at night, and the shape of Boss Guanzhong. The interior of the “Avengers” building.

In order to get close to the architectural texture and lighting effects of the “Night City”, Zhou Lexin re-adjusted the material and lighting effects of the model in HDRP rendering. Xiao U learned that it is very difficult to make such 9 simple cyberpunk scenes. In order to prevent the lack of scene textures, classmate Zhou manually rendered the scene textures one by one.

More human-like machine enemies

When playing the game, Xiao U found that although it was a stand-alone game, the battle scene of “Cyberphobia” did not have the sluggishness of a tank mecha design game. When Xiao U walked to the rock mass of the garbage dump, he encountered a machine that resembled a square garbage bin. The enemy suddenly jumped out, and then launched a suicide charge at me like a Japanese samurai. After I shot him, it happened violently. The explosion is particularly like a death squad holding a dynamite bag.

Student Liu told me that it is called the Explosive Robot, and it is its mission to wait to die with the enemy.

In addition to the explosive robot, there are two robots in the “Cyberphobia” game, a flying robot and a walking robot. The flying robot will patrol at a predetermined point. After reaching the predetermined point, it will detect the surrounding enemy. When it sees the player, it will take the initiative to fly up and design towards the player.

The walking robot is more like a human warrior. It will not detect the enemy when it reaches a predetermined point like a suspended flying robot. It will look around whenever he walks a few steps, which is more in line with the alert state of a real sentry.

In order to make the robots more like human players in their action mechanisms, Liu added monitoring, attack, and pursuit mechanisms to these three robots to make them more autonomous in attack, especially in the monitoring system. The front-end vision is equipped with a shooting laser, so that they can only shoot when they see the player with their eyes, which is more in line with a normal human action law.

Incremental development

In terms of map design, “Cyberphobia” is different from most mobile games on the market such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty. However, in terms of game development, Liu Hengyi, Jiang Runi, and Zhou Lexin strive to match these masterpieces.

“What kind of game you want to make, the target players, the commercial sale, and the platform for the sale are all serious considerations…”

During the communication with Liu Hengyi, Jiang Runi, and Zhou Lexin, Xiao-U learned that they are actually three developers with not so deep game production foundation. Before coming to Unity University, they did not have a complete set of game development experience. “Cyberphobia” is theirs. Their first game work, their enthusiasm for “Cyberphobia” impressed Xiao U.

Classmate Jiang emphasized that although the development time is only one month, the team currently only makes the most basic functions of FPS, but the Unity University classroom allows them to understand the game development process and have a game development thinking. “Although “Cyberphobia” is just a single-player shooting game, our project is an iterative development. Players’ skills, enemy types, and various content can continue to expand because the entire development is linear.”

For Liu Hengyi, Jiang Runi, and Zhou Lexin, “Cyberphobia” is their cyberpunk world and their ideal city that never sleeps. In reality, Unity University is more like a real version of cyberpunk. In this school, you can communicate with big celebrities and teachers every day, accept advice from experts, complete different challenges, acquire new skills, and get familiar with new ones. Props, eventually become people who play the game world.

Some people say that people who have been in contact with cyberpunk have two attitudes, either they have no feeling for cyberpunk, lack patience with this infinite open story game, and will be persuaded by bugs that occasionally encounter and return disappointed; or Be obsessed with it like a demon, completely immersed in the imaginary future created by CD Projekt…

Now Xiao U sees the third category of people. Based on their love of cyberpunk culture, they strive to incorporate this cultural symbol into their works. The motivation for this behavior may be a fleeting thought.

Maybe you have the same idea and want to build your own cyberpunk, so please take the opportunity to learn Unity now!

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