Wang Zhiwen's 6 highest-rated dramas: ``Rebels'' ranked No. 5, the first place has not been surpassed so far

Wang Zhiwen’s 6 highest-rated dramas: “Rebels” ranked No. 5, the first place has not been surpassed so far

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Recently, there is such a domestic spy war drama, it can be said that it has to arouse the strong attention of the author.

That is the spy war suspense drama starring Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao, Wang Zhiwen, Wang Yang, Zhu Zhu, etc., since it was broadcast, the popularity and reputation have continued to win the championship——


With the appearance of a “dark horse”, the play has a unique style in the big wave of domestically produced tribute dramas broadcast in June.

Wang Zhiwen, an old opera bone teacher who played an important role in the play and played the role of our undercover agent and the director of the archives office of the Shanghai Station of Fuxing Society, Wang Zhiwen, once again used this play to show amazing acting skills.

However, the 55-year-old “old” drama teacher Wang Zhiwen, who has been in the industry for 34 years, has starred in more than just the current “Rebel”!

As a result, the author also specially compiled Wang Zhiwen’s 6 highest-rated episodes so far (Douban), so that everyone can have a preliminary judgment on the current early results of “The Rebel”.


Cell Phone (2010)

Douban score 8.4

The drama is an urban emotional life drama co-directed by Shen Yan and Wang Lei, co-starring Wang Zhiwen, Chen Daoming, Mei Ting, Liu Bei, Ke Lan, etc. It premiered on the star in May 2010.

This play is adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun, which belongs to the TV series version of the 2003 film “Mobile” directed by Feng Xiaogang. It mainly tells the black humorous story of the famous show host Yan Shouyi (played by Wang Zhiwen) in work and life.

Watching it now, this drama is not just a simple life drama, it is more like a human tragedy and comedy that makes people laugh and bring tears after watching it.

In addition, the peak acting showdown between Wang Zhiwen and Chen Daoming (played by Fei Mo), as well as the high-energy comedy performance of “Xing Catcher” Fan Ming (played by Yan Shouli), also made the play seem to be still watching. Full of points.


Rebel (2021)

Douban score 8.4 (currently)

The play is directed by Zhou You, starring Zhu Yilong, Tong Yao, Wang Zhiwen, Wang Yang, Zhu Zhu, and co-starred by Li Qiang, Zhang Zixian, Yao Anlian, Yuan Wenkang and others. It premiered on CCTV’s eight sets on June 7 this year. , Currently not over yet.

This play is adapted from the novel of the same name by the winner of the People’s Literature Award, Yu Yu. It tells the story of Lin Nansheng (Zhu Yilong), a student of the special training class of the young Fuxing Society in 1936. In contact with the underground workers of our party, he was gradually regarded as the country by the Communists. The inspirational story of the era of major life changes influenced by the people’s strong sense of mission.

In the play, Wang Zhiwen plays “Gu Shenyan”. He is a hidden underground worker of our party who needs constant disguise on the surface, but infinite loyalty to the faith in his heart, and needs a string of tension at all times.

Recently, this domestic spy war drama that is still on the air, Douban score is finally released! The opening 8.4 points, although somewhat unexpected, but it is reasonable.

Perhaps, compared to the excellent domestic spy war dramas “predecessors” such as “Latent”, “Kite”, “Crafts” and “Red”, the Douban score of “The Rebel” is 8.4, which is really not outstanding; but if you take this one The drama is set in the domestic spy war drama environment of the past two years, and the production of “Rebel” is quite rigorous, but it is also a very “conscientious” existence.


The True Colors of Criminal Police (1999)

Douban score 8.5

The drama is a police suspense drama directed by Zhang Jiandong and co-starring Wang Zhiwen, Li Youbin, Duan Yihong, Chang Rong, and Liu Wei. It premiered in 1999.

The play was set in the early 1990s and tells the story of the development and changes of the public security team in my country in the context of reform and opening up.

In this drama, Wang Zhiwen plays “Xiao Wen”, a young policeman who has just graduated from the police academy and is an upright and kind, and hateful and hateful young policeman;

On the other hand, Mr. Li Youbin, on the other hand, played the role of the villain boss, the boss of a certain company, “Zhou Shiwan” in this drama.

This “The True Colors of Criminal Police” can be regarded as a masterpiece of a domestic police and robber drama that was very impressive for many generations born in the 80s and 90s. The story of the whole drama is intertwined, suspense is repeated, and it is constantly accompanied by reversals. It can be said that what people watch is clapping and praise.


Passionate Addiction (1994)

Douban score 8.7

The play is directed by Zhao Baogang and co-starred by Wang Zhiwen, Jiang Shan, Liu Bei, Zhao Liang, Shi Ke, Li Chengru, etc., a love miniseries. The whole play is only 8 groups. It officially premiered in 1994.

This play is adapted from Wang Shuo’s novel. It mainly tells the tortuous love story of the hero and heroine (played by Wang Zhiwen) and Du Mei (played by Jiang Shan), from acquaintance and love, to repelling and separation, and finally reunion.

As a love “idol” drama filmed in the early 1990s, even if you watch it now, this drama still never makes people feel outdated. Moreover, in the hit urban family drama “Big Man” in 2014, it is rare for us to see the dialect of that year and Du Mui again, after a lapse of more than 20 years.


Way of Heaven (2007)

Douban score 9.2

The drama is an urban emotional drama directed by Zhang Qian and co-starred by Wang Zhiwen, Zuo Xiaoqing, Zeng Hongsheng, Shi Yao, Zheng Qiang, and Wang Quanyou. It premiered in 2007.

This drama tells the story of a series of business wars and love stories in which a young female police officer Rui Xiaodan (played by Zuo Xiaoqing) met the business geek Ding Yuanying (played by Wang Zhiwen) through friends, and was commissioned to take care of Ding Yuanying’s life in the ancient city.

Although for most viewers, this “Way of Heaven” is indeed relatively “unpopular”. However, this domestic classic old drama with love as its main line and a collection of elements such as business warfare, police and gangsters, and even politics, should not be “buried” in this way.

Moreover, many of the dialogues in the play are also quite worthy of praise. It not only has a philosophical level of thinking, but also has a deep interpretation of city life, which is very suitable for us to find a careful tasting in our leisure time.


No Regret Tracking (1995)

Douban score 9.3

This is another excellent domestic drama that is quite “unpopular”!

The play is directed by the well-known director Yin Li and co-starred by Wang Zhiwen, Liu Peiqi, Yue Xiuqing, He Bing, Kong Lin, Wu Jun, Li Bingbing and others.

The plot mainly tells the story of Xiao Dali (played by Liu Peiqi), a young police station chief, after encountering Feng Jingbo (played by Wang Zhiwen), a teacher who is familiar with weapons, a track and evasion story of nearly forty years since then.

From the perspective of the age, “No Regrets Tracking” almost fully repeats every major historical process of society from 1949 to 1988 in the plot. Moreover, the series of vivid and vivid portraits of old Beijing figures in the play accurately portray all the life states of that era.


Looking at the above inventory, we can see that out of the top 6 TV series with the highest ratings on Douban by Wang Zhiwen so far, “The Rebel”, which is currently on the air, is only ranked 5th, but it is expected to follow this one. As the drama continues to be popular, its subsequent ratings may fluctuate a lot;

And the first classic old drama “No Regrets Tracking”, not only the current Douban score has reached 9.3 points, its ideology and depth across the era, but has not yet been truly surpassed by latecomers.

Finally, in everyone’s minds, which one is Mr. Wang Zhiwen’s most classic TV series so far? Also welcome to leave a message in the comment area to share with us.

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