Wang Yuan Huang Bo sang ``The Passage'', the stage singing and dancing were too happy, are the two dancing crab dance?

Wang Yuan Huang Bo sang “The Passage”, the stage singing and dancing were too happy, are the two dancing crab dance?

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At the Spring Festival Gala of Beijing TV Station, Wang Yuan and Huang Bo collaborated on the creative song and dance show “The Passage”. Both of them are well-known in the entertainment circle. As an all-rounder, Wang Yuan made his debut as a singer. Needless to say, Huang Bo is an actor, but in recent years, he has also used his own singing and dancing in the spring evening. The foundation has convinced many audiences. This time, the cooperation between the two people is even more exciting.

The creative song and dance show “The Passage” mainly talks about 2020 is finally over. Time is fast, there are joys and regrets, but no matter what, the old year has passed, and the new year will be brighter and brighter. , Will come again tomorrow. It is a song that fits the artistic conception very well, and it is just right to perform at the Beijing Spring Festival Gala.

Wang Yuan and Huang Bo have lively and cheerful personalities on weekdays. It is more appropriate for them to perform this show for us. Wang Yuan’s voice is particularly juvenile, with a warm feeling. Huang Bo next to him is a little older, so his tone is more powerful. It is surprisingly good when mixed with Wang Yuan’s voice.

In the show, Wang Yuan wore a pink suit jacket, which not only gave a sense of youth, but also had the feeling of celebrating the New Year. Huang Bo on the side wore a dark red jacket and black pants. The overall rhythm of the show was full of new ideas.

It is worth mentioning that because the scene of the two people performing together is too harmonious, some netizens said that the two people look like a father and a son, giving people a happy and friendly appearance between father and son. This description is surprising, but if you look closely, it seems to be a bit like that.

On the stage, Wang Yuan and Huang Bo sang and danced, stimulating the atmosphere of the show, and they were very happy. I wonder if you still remember the Lisa Crab Dance, which was popular on the Internet some time ago. Because this dance is very magical, countless Internet celebrities and celebrities are vying to follow suit on all major platforms, and this creative dance song and dance show “Passed “It seems to be similar to Lisa’s Crab Dance. It uses both hands and feet. It is very hilarious on stage.

In fact, there is no doubt about Yuan’s dancing skills, and his love for crab dance is also well known. In the famous variety show Ace vs. Ace, Wang Yuan wore a denim jacket and gave everyone a crab dance. Maybe it was because he was not familiar with crab dance, so Wang Yuan laughed while singing and dancing, and finally performed to the limit. The amused audience also laughed.

The crab dance and the creative song and dance show “The Past” are both dances that can instantly ignite the atmosphere of the scene, which is very joyful. In addition to this kind of dance, Wang Yuanhui has many types of dances. In the variety show “Our Song”, Wang Yuan and Chang Shilei once sang “Bloody Love Story” together. The two people not only added a certain Chongqing dialect and I rap in English, and I carefully prepared a dance, which burned and exploded, moving the audience.

In any case, Wang Yuan has a very good dancing skills, and he always surprises us. And this time in the Beijing TV Spring Festival evening, the cooperation between Wang Yuan and Huang Bo was also very successful. A junior and a senior, the cooperation between the two people is exceptionally harmonious. The dance is cute and loving, and it has a New Year atmosphere. What do you think of this pair?


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