Wang Yuan cooperated with the studio to shoot the video, during which the expression was too calm, and the netizens wanted to laugh

Wang Yuan cooperated with the studio to shoot the video, during which the expression was too calm, and the netizens wanted to laugh

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Wang Yuan called the Chongqing Court, let alone, everyone was surprised when he heard the news. After all, only a few days ago, Wang Junkai called for the procuratorate. But who knows that today, Wang Yuan has started calling for the Chongqing court again.

To tell the truth, netizens are a little doubtful whether Wang Junkai and Wang Yuan have discussed it! How could it happen otherwise? While Wang Yuan made a call for the Chongqing Court, Wang Yuan also shot a promotional video for the Chongqing Court.

Believe that Wang Yuan’s fans are all excited at this time! After all, a few days ago, fans were still cueing Wang Yuan crazy on social networks, expressing their miss of Wang Yuan, and accusing Wang Yuan of not showing up. But who knows, the benefits will come today? Wang Yuan not only appeared in front of the public, but also shot a promotional video. So fans can lick Wang Yuan’s face again?

Fans are right, everyone has the opportunity to appreciate Wang Yuan’s prosperous beauty. In this video appearance, Wang Yuan’s lipstick once again became a hot search.

To be honest, Wang Yuan’s lipstick looks so good! It also looks too matte. Of course, although this lipstick is very matte, it is not feminine. At least from the results of Wang Yuantu, the effect is still very good. It can be said that this lipstick is a very suitable type for boys and girls.

I believe that after seeing the lipstick painted by Wang Yuan, the fans have already got the same style! Maybe it’s not just girls, but many male models who need makeup will get the same lipstick! So should the lipstick brand invite Wang Yuan as an endorsement? If Wang Yuan really endorses this lipstick product, the sales of this lipstick will explode!

Of course, in addition to Wang Yuan’s promotional video for the Chongqing Court, the video of Wang Yuan’s “too hot” posted by Wang Yuan’s studio has also gone viral. To tell the truth, this time fans can give the studio a thumbs up, after all, the studio’s welfare is pretty good this time.

Last night, the staff of Wang Yuan’s studio invited Wang Yuan to co-produce the video. Take a special effects video that is “spicy to the head”.

Not to mention, the staff’s proposal is quite novel. However, Geng Zhi Wang Yuan didn’t think so much, and directly refuted the staff, saying that he could not be too hot.

In fact, what Wang Yuan said is understandable. After all, Wang Yuan himself is from Chongqing, and Chongqing people can eat spicy food. So Wang Yuan will definitely not be so spicy! In fact, it is not only Wang Yuan, but Wang Junkai’s teammates Wang Junkai and Yi Yang Qianxi shouldn’t be too spicy! After all, one of them is from Chongqing and the other is from Hunan. They are both very spicy.

However, although Wang Yuan frankly refuted the staff, Wang Yuan was still very understanding. No, after Wang Yuan made it clear that he would not be hot, he told the staff that he could pretend to be hot.

I believe that if the netizens are on the scene at this time, they will definitely be cute by Wang Yuan! What a cute little angel is this! How can you be so good to people?

But in sharp contrast with the well-behaved Wang Yuan, it was the greedy studio. The studio also said after taking Wang Yuan’s photos that Wang Yuan was too calm. However, the studio’s remarks were immediately returned by Wang Yuanzhe. Wang Yuan said, “He is already very uncomfortable with the video shooting with the staff.”

To be honest, Wang Yuan’s words are too truthful. So staff, how can you still be dissatisfied with this filmed video?


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