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Wang Yibo, Luo Yunxi, Hu Yitian, Liu Yuning, Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Wu Jinyan, Bai Jingting

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The entertainment industry is like a small world. There are many things happening every day. Today’s entertainment gossip comes from Wang Yibo, Luo Yunxi, Hu Yitian, Liu Yuning, Yang Mi, Li Yifeng, Wu Jinyan, and Bai Jingting. Let’s take a look.

Wang Yibo

The drama he collaborated with Xingxing didn’t start airing because something happened when it was sent for trial before, so I hurriedly re-edited a new version later, and the fruit station was quite loyal. Specifically for this show, so it won’t be too long

Hu Yitian

He is still very cooperative here, the requirements of the filming side can basically be met, and for the new drama, he will still promote it, but he will not pay too much for the money.

Li Yifeng

He is really amazing. Although his eyesight is really average, he is also a man of degree, but for paparazzi, if his ability to find people is second in the circle, no one dares to say first.

Lin Yanjun

His development here is indeed a big difference from the same period, but not only because of company reasons, but also a very important reason is his own physical reasons, too tired to bear.

Luo Yunxi

I said before that the film pay is the criterion for judging the line of an artist, but it may not be clearly expressed, so many people have misunderstood, and express it in another way. For example, if the two male lead drama he has the most favored in his hand, if it bursts, then He will be on the front line, and then his salary will increase accordingly. Even if his popularity declines in the future, the salary will not fall so easily, and the quotation cannot be as his own wishes.

short message

1. Yang Mi’s drama about doctors and patients is probably a bit hanged, because some investors have already withdrawn their capital

2. Bai Jingting’s heat here is about to come, because he has two stocks in his hand and he is about to start seeing everyone

3. Although there is no official announcement about Wu Jinyan having an object, it is not a secret

One question and one answer

Question: Liu Yuning’s relationship with the other two Iron Triangles?

Answer: It’s so normal, anyway, most of the relationships in the entertainment industry are like this, there is no connection



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