Wang Yibo is valued by the producer! Exposing the "Ice Rain and Fire" crew strongly favored, and the deletion of Chen Xiao's part caused dissatisfaction

Wang Yibo is valued by the producer! Exposing the “Ice Rain and Fire” crew strongly favored, and the deletion of Chen Xiao’s part caused dissatisfaction

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Before “You Fei” was broadcast, there was news that “Ice Rain and Fire” was scheduled for the first quarter of this year. The production of this drama is very sophisticated. Although it is not a big investment drama, it However, the cast is very strong. In addition to the two male protagonists, there are many old drama players to join, and the show has been confirmed to be broadcast on Hunan Satellite TV.

It is considered a popular drama in the industry. I believe that after the broadcast, I will wait for a good result. Wang Yibo is the top traffic. His appeal and influence have been recognized by many parties. Many scripts are willing to look for him, because In a sense, he is a guarantee of popularity. Take “You Fei” as an example. At first, many people thought that the show would explode, not because of the good plot of the book.

It is because the influence of the two leading actors is indeed very strong, but it is a pity that this drama was ruined by the screenwriter and the service. No one expected that the adaptation of the plot would be so bad, and I did not expect that most of the costumes were ugly. The effect of live shooting seems to be the same as that of cutouts. The main supporting roles are more embarrassing than the other. In general, the show is completely shoddy.

If Xiao Transparent played this drama, it is estimated that no one would care, but thanks to Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo’s appeal, the final result is not bad. It is estimated that the industry has also seen Wang Yibo’s appeal. There was a news that “Ice Rain and Fire” had not been reviewed, and I could feel that this drama would like to be broadcast early.

There was news that it would start broadcasting in January, but now it seems that it can only be postponed. Recently, some netizens broke the news that Wang Yibo was valued by the producer, so when the show was submitted for review for the second time, the producer chose To force Wang Yibo, he deleted many of Chen Xiao’s scenes and chose to keep Wang Yibo’s main story.

This caused Chen Xiao’s dissatisfaction, because his plot is now being cut very messy, but to be honest, it is understandable for the crew to choose this way. After all, Wang Yibo’s ratings are indeed much stronger than Chen Xiao’s. The biggest highlight of the play is Wang Yibo. If you have any opinions, please leave a message in the comment area and follow the editor.


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