Wang Yibo is not convinced by Xiao Zhan? Only because the latter works on stars, while the former "You Fei" is only a web drama

Wang Yibo is not convinced by Xiao Zhan? Only because the latter works on stars, while the former “You Fei” is only a web drama

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Wang Yibo is not convinced Xiao Zhan?

Recently, Xiao Zhan’s new work has appeared on CCTV. Wang Yibo is not convinced. Although these two people do not have direct resource competition, the industry will compare the pair of former colleagues together. One career is slightly better, the other is better. Will be ridiculed. Recently, the entertainment industry is full of screens all about Xiao Zhan. Wang Yibo is naturally uncomfortable. In fact, Xiao Zhan’s work is not particularly good. As a well-known screenwriter Wang Juan’s adaptation, it really does not reach the required level. However, compared to Wang Yibo’s “You Fei”, “Douluo Dalu” has made a lot of preparations in advance. They bought a few powerful up masters at station B in advance, gave them benefits and told them to shut up, so everyone All he saw were false prosperity. As long as the “black” didn’t get out of the circle, his grades were good.

Zhang Bichen kneels T Hua Chenyu?

Today Hua Chenyu’s birthday, Zhang Bichen silently ordered a zan on his Weibo, and then canceled it. Many people said that Zhang Bichen loved Hua Chenyu too much and lived very humble. In fact, Zhang Bichen is really a licking dog, in Hua Chenyu In front of him, she was like a fuck, and the other party called her back and forth without complaining. As for Hua Chenyu’s “romantic debts”, she is also very open, as long as Hua Chenyu is willing to leave her a trace of love. Today, she ordered zan Hua Chenyu to be a personal behavior. Her team didn’t think of her. In fact, she lost a resource because of Hua Chenyu not long ago. The people in her team were so miserable. Who knew that Zhang Bichen didn’t care about it. Helping Hua Chenyu speak, almost chilling the hearts of the team members.

Yang Mi hype?

Recently, Yang Mi has frequently become popular because of some comments, such as “All fans don’t like celebrity studios” and “No one knows CP better than me”. Actually, Yang Mi is a 5G surfer, and she has a lot of strange knowledge. All of them have been involved, and recently, her team has set up support for her people in this area. In addition to establishing a new person, her speech has other meanings. Earlier, Yang Mi fans and her studio were tough, and even went offline. , The two sides had a very unpleasant quarrel, and this unpleasantness has not been resolved. She frequently mentioned fans and studios in interviews, which is to use her own way to love and appease fans and ease the relationship between the two sides.

Guan Xiaotong abuses fans?

Recently, there have been frequent fanfare incidents. There was Gu Li Nazha before, and Xiaotong afterwards. The two suddenly seemed to lose their emotional intelligence. They were born on Weibo and their fans just got up. On the surface, they seemed to be true temperaments. In fact, it’s because their new work is unsatisfactory and irrational (if the work is hot, they would have been immersed in happiness and ignored the comments of the fans), so they used this method to give themselves heat and abuse fans at the same time , Told those fans on the side: “I’m angry, you come to coax me, do some data to save it.” Yang Yang looked down on Zhao Lusi?

Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi’s “Let’s Try the World” has not been officially announced as a male lead. Zhao Lusi has been in the group for a few days, and Yang Yang has not shown up yet. Yang Yang didn’t show up because he was still expressing his dissatisfaction with Zhao Lusi and the play. After all, he only worked with Di Lieba’s four-year-old students. Now he is going to lift the sedan chair for the artists who climbed up from the net drama like Zhao Lusi, or pick up Can you be happy with this kind of Marisu drama? But Yang Yang will definitely go in the end. He and the goose factory are deeply cooperating, and resistance is to fight for more benefits for himself. In the end, he will still have to shoot.


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