Wang Junkai's new drama finale Reuters picture exposed, his face is haggard and tired, and his thin body is distressing

Wang Junkai’s new drama finale Reuters picture exposed, his face is haggard and tired, and his thin body is distressing

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Wang Junkai’s new drama finalizes Reuters map exposure

The male star Wang Junkai believes that many friends know that the popularity of this male star is quite high. Many fans also think that Wang Junkai is still quite good. Wang Junkai first debuted from the TFBOYS group and is still the captain of the group.

It also makes people think that Wang Junkai’s strength is very strong. However, the three little ones are now shining in their respective fields. Wang Junkai is even more impressive. Recently, he also starred in a gift film, which has also attracted many fans. .

The plasticity of this male star can be said to be quite strong, and in the film it also made many fans cry, which seems to be very popular too! This acting is also very contagious, and Wang Junkai is also a very dedicated male star.

I will try no matter what the role is. I have never put on a celebrity profile. It is really popular. However, Wang Junkai’s resources are still quite good. Recently, another new drama official announced that this TV series is also quite popular. Aspect.

Wang Junkai’s recently finalized TV series is “The Gate of Rebirth”, and this TV series is still a suspense film, which also makes fans very excited. After all, TV series with such themes are still a test of acting skills.

However, Wang Junkai’s acting skills are indeed quite outstanding. This male star is also deeply loved by fans, and in this TV series, the partner actors are also quite powerful. Among them, the partner with Shidi is really impressive. Have something to watch!

Because this TV series is starred by his partner Zhang Yi, this male star believes that many fans are no strangers! Before Zhang Yi also starred in many films directed by Zhang Yimou, and some time ago in the movie “Above the Cliff” received super high praise. ‘

What’s more, Zhang Yi is also a very powerful male star. His previous performances in “King Kong River”, “Eight Hundred” and “Operation Red Sea” all received super high ratings, and also won awards from the Emperor and the actor, so this Male stars are really powerful.

Faint and tired

And Wang Junkai can cooperate with Zhang Yi, which shows that he is really lucky, and Wang Junkai is also a top star in the circle, and he will definitely be able to bring a lot of heat to this TV series. It seems that it is really a strong alliance!

The opening of this TV series is bound to be the rhythm of the popularity, but after Wang Junkai’s new drama is released, fans are also very concerned, but when they see Wang Junkai’s status, fans can’t help but feel a little worried.

Because Wang Junkai is a little haggard in the recent Reuters picture, he looks very tired, and wearing gray short sleeves makes the whole person even more dull. I have to say that Wang Junkai’s plasticity is really strong!

And Wang Junkai starred in this TV series, this hairstyle is also very aging, still makes people think that Wang Junkai is quite young, really very handsome! But seeing Wang Junkai’s face a little haggard is really painful.

Weight loss is distressing

You can also see in the picture that Wang Junkai’s legs are also very slender, so the whole person needs to be thinner. Many fans think that Wang Junkai is really getting thinner now. It seems that he has also paid a lot in the play. Hard work!

Moreover, after this figure is thin, it will still make people look less energetic, and now they are also youthful, it is better to have a little sunshine! But this may also be due to role needs, after all, Wang Junkai is indeed a very dedicated male star.

In the past, because of the character’s weight loss by 20 pounds, the face was directly sunken, and the whole person looked quite haggard, so fans did not want Wang Junkai to fight like this, but this time, although he was not thin enough to lose his appearance.

But this figure still looks quite thin, not to mention Wang Junkai’s face is more haggard, it is really distressing! But now this TV series has finished, so now many fans are looking forward to it. What do you think of Wang Junkai’s recent status? Welcome to leave a message!


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