Wang Junkai's main film industry? Partnering with old drama bone actors must be a hit

Wang Junkai’s main film industry? Partnering with old drama bone actors must be a hit

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Everyone will not feel unfamiliar with the TFboy group, and it is the top class in the circle. The strength of each actor is very poor. Just like Wang Junkai, he is very good whether he is singing or participating in the show. , Only then can you become an all-round artist. However, Wang Junkai now seems to also think about developing in the film industry.

Wang Junkai starred in “The Wind and Cloud”, although he is not a leading role, but the role is still very important, the key is that his changes in the play are still great, giving people an impulse to go to the cinema to watch. Moreover, in addition to “The Wind and Cloud”, there is also his new work, which will also land in front of us this year. This movie is “Broken Bridge”, which was announced by the government in the near future.

In fact, this movie sounds a bit literary, but it is actually a suspenseful film with realistic themes. It has a story of revenge, and it tells the various interests behind the project. The story is very interesting. In fact, judging from this still, it can attract everyone’s attention, and I hope to go to the cinema to find out.

Fan Weiwei’s family should know very well that he has outstanding performance in many works in Central and Eastern Europe. The works he starred in are not very low in terms of quality and reputation. This time, “Broken Bridge” has a better reputation. It is guaranteed. This time, Wang Junkai and Ma Sichun, the queen of Golden Horses, will still have emotional lines. This is the news previously revealed. However, although there are emotional lines, it can play an auxiliary effect on the plot. This time, the new work can bring him a good response and attract more people to pay attention.


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