Wang Junkai took photos to reminisce about the Boundaryless concert, and an audience picture was saved for a year, and the ceremony was full
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Wang Junkai took photos to reminisce about the Boundaryless concert, and an audience picture was saved for a year, and the ceremony was full

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November 1 is the first anniversary of Wang Junkai’s Boundaryless Concert. Boundaryless is Wang Junkai’s first solo concert since his debut, which is very important to Xiaokai. At the end of last year’s concert, Xiao Kai posted his own essay on the first concert in the early morning. The concert is also his dream.

And on this first anniversary day, all fans are celebrating this day, and everyone is looking forward to what Xiaokai will post. Sure enough, at night, Xiaokai posted a picture. This picture is from the day of the concert. photo.

From the photo, this angle should be taken by Xiaokai himself. The picture shows the infield audience seats facing the stage. Look carefully at the seats and there are gift bags on each seat. This was taken before the concert. Yes, and more importantly, in this year, Xiaokai has changed his mobile phone many times as a mobile phone spokesperson, and he saved the photos of this concert for a year, which is enough to prove how much Xiaokai attaches importance to this concert. .

The double arrow in the process of star chasing is the most poignant. Fans are missing it on the anniversary. Wang Junkai also knows that fans are missing it, so he will send this photo out. The gift package for the concert is his own hand. Prepared. The day of the concert was Halloween. He prepared sweets for the fans and other warm gifts such as milk tea.

The feelings between fans and idols are interlinked. Wang Junkai prepared the elaborately produced “The World in My Eyes” for fans, which also records his mental journey during the concert. Like everyone else, he will be nervous, excited, and singing After the meeting, he will not give up. Unfortunately, Wukesong’s venue is so big, only a few thousand people watched his first concert.

There is a disease called concert sequelae. Many fans said that they would lose after watching the concert, so that everyone still missed it after a year. In fact, Xiaokai also missed it very much. He said that the happiest thing was to be at the concert. See everyone.

From his debut to the present, music has always been Wang Junkai’s original intention. He wants to be a very powerful singer like idol Jay Chou. The singer’s dream is to hold a concert, but now Xiaokai’s strength is still lacking. He is envious of being able to open in a big venue. The concert person, as a guest at the Mayday’s concert at the Bird’s Nest last summer, Xiaokai sang the meaningful songs “Onion” and “Contentment”, and he was nervous throughout the process of singing.

The number of seats in the Bird’s Nest is almost ten times that of Wukesong. Mayday concerts are held in the Bird’s Nest almost every year, but they can be filled. Xiaokai was also fortunate to see this grand occasion. It turns out that it can be filled with people. The charm of Mayday It’s still very big.

Borderless is Wang Junkai’s first concert in his life. In fact, he had a birthday party before. It was only in a small venue that could only accommodate one or two thousand people. It is already excellent for one person to hold up Wukesong. With the increase of age and the dissemination of personal charm, I believe that Xiaokai can now support a stadium for 10,000 people. After all, the number of people who watched the live broadcast of the anniversary concert has reached more than 700,000.

As a music actor, Wang Junkai has developed simultaneously. Unfortunately, he has no way to hold a solo concert this year. I believe he will have more stages in the future and will enter the Bird’s Nest again as he wishes. Next time he will not be a guest, but the protagonist.


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