Wang Junkai publicly said that the endorsement product was behind, scared the brand Fang immediately clarified, and the desire to survive is very strong

Wang Junkai publicly said that the endorsement product was behind, scared the brand Fang immediately clarified, and the desire to survive is very strong

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In the variety show “It’s Just A Boy”, Wang Junkai and Dong Zijian go to the store to buy the snacks and food they need, which is also full of childishness. Liu Haoran saw the ice cream and asked them if they were eating ice cream. Dong Zijian responded in a low voice, “Big brother, is the ice cream a bit too much?” The little quarrel between the brothers was inexplicably too cute! Wang Junkai also saw the kind of tea jelly that he ate when he was a child in the supermarket. It is really a childhood of the post-90s.

However, when shopping, Wang Junkai’s Sui Sui thought successfully attracted the attention of netizens, Shi Hame, a qualified spokesperson!

Wang Junkai is the brand ambassador of a certain national milk tea. He also participated in the product launch conference of the new milk tea. When shopping, Wang Junkai wanted to buy a cup of brown sugar double-pin bubble milk tea, but found that it was not on the shelf. As a result, Wang Junkai said to himself: “Lagged behind.”

Supervising the new and promotion of their endorsement products, this spokesperson is really responsible. After the release of the tidbits, it successfully attracted the attention of the brand. Originally, Wang Junkai and the brand side were a happy relationship between the two parties, but Wang Junkai publicly said “Tucao” the brand on the show. How would the brand respond? I have to say that the brand’s desire to survive is really strong, and immediately issued a clarification.

The brand Fang immediately left a message under the official blog: “The favorite of the spokesperson, brown sugar Shuangpin milk tea is arranged immediately!”, and accompanied by a picture of all Shuangpin milk tea on the shelf.

In addition, he begged fans to stop scolding in a very “humble” manner. It can be said that the brand really loves the spokesperson. This is a very benign interaction between the spokesperson Wang Junkai and the brand. Although there are “Tucao” and “humble”, they are all qualified and responsible product promoters. I believe that after this time, the brand will be able to make arrangements immediately. The place to serve milk tea is new.

In recent years, Wang Junkai’s commercial value has always been very high. The number of endorsements and the quality of endorsements are also among the best in the circle, and the most worth mentioning is that Wang Junkai’s ability to carry goods is also very strong. Let’s not talk about endorsements, just talk about Wang Junkai’s usual invisible ability to carry goods. The big water cup that I like to drink is just a few small clips in the documentary, but it was quickly searched after it was broadcast, and it was sold out by fans. The pajamas worn in the video, airport clothes, etc., are even more sought after by fans for the same style. In terms of formal endorsements, fans’ ability to follow is even stronger.

Although Wang Junkai’s product endorsements have become increasingly luxurious and the prices are relatively high. Like previous luxury cars, clothing, makeup and other brands, the prices are not cheap, but the fans are still very enthusiastic about the products they bought under the endorsement blog. , This can’t help but make people surprised: it seems that Wang Junkai’s women are all “rich women”! In addition to luxury products, Wang Junkai also endorsed some high-profile affordable products, which have a huge fan base.

Wang Junkai has increased the promotion of these products to a greater extent. Because of the idol effect, fans can get used to buying products endorsed by Wang Junkai every time. Over time, this creates a brand effect. There has always been a mutually beneficial and win-win relationship between Wang Junkai and the brand, and the brand trust also believes in Wang Junkai’s ability, because Wang Junkai has created tangible income for the brand company.


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