Wang Junkai frequently watches mobile phones during recording programs, chats with Dong Zijian to uncover the reasons, and breaks the question of love

Wang Junkai frequently watches mobile phones during recording programs, chats with Dong Zijian to uncover the reasons, and breaks the question of love

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Recently, Wang Junkai, Dong Zijian, and Liu Haoran recorded the variety show “It’s Just A Boy”. Because in the first episode, Wang Junkai played with mobile phones very frequently, and sometimes he laughed happily. Some netizens thought he should be I fell in love, saying that this was one of the signs that Idol’s house collapsed.

But in the second episode of the latest broadcast, this statement was slapped because Xiaokai watched popular science videos about exploring the mysteries of the universe. He and Dong Zijian also boasted about Einstein and called him amazing. Dong Zijian asked him whether he was watching this besides checking the hotel all the way. He said yes, and also said that he “want to live to the day when the mysteries of the universe were unlocked”.

After the show was broadcast, fans also joked that he was indeed talking, but not in love, but in astronomy with Einstein. He did not fall in love, but fell in the Milky Way, and praised his pattern. Great, this result is too different from what everyone imagined!

Wang Junkai’s brains are also a bit big. When he chatted with Dong Zijian, he said that he felt that Einstein was not a normal person, because some of his theories were first inferences and then proved by later generations. He also thought he might He communicated with aliens. I thought he was amazing. He should know something. It can only be said that Xiaokai’s imagination is quite rich, and he also particularly likes watching interstellar films.

He also said that why Einstein could think of this? He couldn’t think of it. The audience said on the barrage that “but Einstein couldn’t think of putting a plastic bag to soak his feet.” Haha Wang Junkai’s dry foot soaking method in the show made everyone The key is that he is still soaking seriously.

And Wang Junkai has been a very curious person since he was a child. He is particularly interested in science and astronomy. He has said more than once that his dream when he was a child was to be an astronaut. He wanted to understand the idea of ​​space and space. strong.

In 15 years, he reviewed geography and had a lot of questions, but he did not find the answer in the textbook. After that, he posted a Weibo and was reposted by “NASA fans” and said, “There are currently no standard answers to these questions. You can enjoy To give play to their imagination”.

Then in 17 years, Wang Junkai sponsored a science and technology competition that focused on science, and got the opportunity to talk to astrophysicist Hawking. Hawking reposted his Weibo and answered his questions, saying that his questions made He saw the thinking and curiosity of young Chinese millennials about the future. Wang Junkai also recommended a book written by Hawking before.

Last year, Wang Junkai also sang the theme song of the National Space Administration’s popular science and space “Stars Reaching Boy”. This is a very official large-scale event. He will be asked to sing this song. It should also be known that he loves space and universe very much.

In addition, Wang Junkai’s life and work do not often have elements related to the stars and the sea. The cakes for his 18th and 19th birthday parties are all related to the stars and astronauts of the universe, even the catalogue of his new book, and some The credit card names, concert posters, and co-designed products of the bank’s cooperation are all based on the theme of the stars and the sea. It can be seen that he loves this field, and he is not creating any personality.

The funny thing is that while Wang Junkai believes in science and is keen to explore the mysteries of the universe, he is also obsessed with Ultraman, so that everyone should believe in light. He also discusses with Dong Zijian and Liu Haoran which Ultraman is more beautiful on the show. He was dubbed “Internal Entertainment Diga” by fans, and he felt that the two souls of him could not be concealed anymore.

At Wang Junkai’s age, I believe that everyone, like him, has all kinds of fantastic ideas, infinite curiosity about the universe, and ideas to explore. However, although Wang Junkai can’t be an astronaut, he can try to act Astronauts, or works of science fiction, can be regarded as a step closer to the field he loves!


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