Wang Junkai, Dong Zijian, Liu Haoran crossed the sidewalk, the driver was not courteous, and the reaction of the three people reflected their quality

Wang Junkai, Dong Zijian, Liu Haoran crossed the sidewalk, the driver was not courteous, and the reaction of the three people reflected their quality

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Wang Junkai, Dong Zijian, and Liu Haoran made money from this trip. In the past, they used to travel in teams, so they didn’t dare to walk on the street or go to eat in crowded restaurants. But this trip, the three of them managed everything alone. I finally experienced the feeling of being “a amateur”, it feels so good not to be recognized.

The three of them had eaten and planned to go shopping at the opposite mall, so they walked directly across the road and crossed the overpass, without worrying about being recognized.

When crossing the sidewalk, the picture was a bit thrilling. As there were no traffic lights on this sidewalk, the cars kept going. Even if they were standing on the zebra crossing, the driver did not show courtesy to the pedestrians. He drove directly and worried for them across the screen.

Wang Junkai walked in front, Liu Haoran in the middle, and Dong Zijian waited and watched at the end. Wang Junkai was about to take the opportunity to cross, but a taxi drove in front of him and didn’t mean to stop. In the face of this situation, the three of them did not panic, but waited patiently. The car drove past in front of Xiaokai at high speed, and Wang Junkai did not curse, but was very patient while standing there waiting for the time to go.

Liu Haoran saw that the taxi in front of him didn’t mean to be courteous, so he quickly raised his hand and waved to the taxi behind him, suggesting that he would be courteous to pedestrians.

Seeing Liu Haoran’s gesture, the taxi stopped obediently. At this moment, the three of them hurriedly speeded up the angle and rushed over, so as not to cause trouble to the taxi. And Liu Haoran not only gestured to the brothers to leave quickly, but also bowed to the taxi to express his gratitude. It was too polite! See character for the details. After seeing this scene, netizens praised: Liu Haoran is awesome, and his personal qualities are very strong!

In fact, taxi zebra crossings should be courteous to pedestrians, and Liu Haoran’s actions made the driver feel warm. This is the charm of excellent quality!

In fact, Liu Haoran exudes charm all the time during this trip! The three arrived at Yuzixi, Wang Junkai went to the bathroom, Dong Zijian went to shoot the commercial, Liu Haoran did not wait for the two brothers to finish, but silently moved the luggage, transferred all the delicious food to the tent, and ran several times. There’s something in it, so don’t care about it at all.

Liu Haoran and Dong Zijian went to the car to see the scenery. Wang Junkai was late and saw Xiaokai climb onto the roof of the car. He silently moved out of position and let Wang Junkai sit in the middle, taking care of his brother carefully.

In the evening, the weather was very cold. In order to make the brothers have a warm meal, Liu Haoran personally cooked the dumplings. During the cooking process, the power was cut off several times. He did not give up. Any complaints.

Liu Haoran is also very generous when he goes out to eat, and he pays the bill after he finishes the meal, without frustration at all.

Liu Haoran kept a clear head during the whole journey, and took on the heavy responsibility of cooking, booking hotels, ordering restaurants, and buying snacks. It also showed us his strong hands-on ability and delicate mind. Of course, good people are all attracted to each other. These three people can become good friends and have charms in each other.

During this journey, not only Liu Haoran was caring, but Dong Zijian and Wang Junkai were also warm-hearted. When Wang Junkai was rebellious, he was also taken care of by Dong Zijian. Xiaokai went to the bathroom to wear long trousers. Dong Zijian helped him guard the door. When Liu Haoran was cold, Xiaokai He warmed the baby back, although it was a stepping foot, but he was full of heart.

It is also because everyone is a kind person that we can come together and there will be no quarrels during the journey. Otherwise, how tired! Fortunately this journey is the three people, like-minded, really envious!


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