Wang Jun, Kai Wenqi may be the two to participate in the TV series directed by Lu Chuan, the image of a doctor is worth looking forward to

Wang Jun, Kai Wenqi may be the two to participate in the TV series directed by Lu Chuan, the image of a doctor is worth looking forward to

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In 2018, Wang Junkai and Wen Qi completed their first collaboration. At that time, the two starred in the TV series “Tiankeng Eagle Hunting”. They were relatively young at the time, but they were both famous actors. The final score of this drama was also good. , And received a lot of attention.

In the blink of an eye, three years have passed. The two have also grown a lot in these three years. They have tried many roles one after another. Recently, some netizens have revealed that the two will usher in the second collaboration. The theme of the script Very good, the story is also good.

This play is called “Extraordinary Healers”. Needless to say, which group is about to tell the story, just look at the title of the film. The main focus of this play is on the group of doctors.

However, compared to other dramas, it focuses more on portraying the image of middle-aged doctors. The main character in this drama is a young doctor.

The actor Chen Hui is a high-achieving student in the medical school. He has excellent medical skills and a clever mind. He is not a good doctor in the eyes of many patients, because he is too cold, even a little uncomfortable, because of this, even if he Work carefully, but still can’t get the patient’s approval.

But looking at other colleagues who work with them, they are obviously more acceptable to patients. Of course, enthusiastic colleagues are also willing to help Chen Hui, a young doctor who has just graduated from medical school, and other young doctors Shen Tong and Yuan Ye help How does he come to communicate with patients and their families, tell him how to make his medical skills better, and at the same time make patients trust him more.

Chen Hui, who has almost no understanding of this aspect, slowly accepted the kindness of colleagues, and began to do his job with ease, and was also satisfied with patients and colleagues.

Of course, while his colleagues helped him, he also reaped his love and became a couple with Yuan Ye.

To put it simply, this is a drama about the growth of young doctors. Of course, it also includes the doctor-patient relationship. Sometimes the doctor who looks a little cold or even uncomfortable may just not understand the speaking skills, sometimes The patient who looked irritable was not making trouble unreasonably, but just wanting the peace of mind given by the doctor.

A TV series focused on reality is indeed worth looking forward to.

For example, Wang Junkai has mainly shot a lot of film works in recent years, but in recent years there have been no outstanding works. The profession of a doctor fits his own image. Moreover, Wang Junkai has just walked out of campus not long after, and he has that kind of student spirit. .

Wen Qi will feel a bit pity these years. She was nominated for the Golden Horse Female Lead at the age of 14, and then won the Golden Horse Female Match in the following year. She seems to have a very high starting point, but in recent years she has not been able to compete with her before. Comparable works, “Life Home”, which was launched some time ago, is also a bit hard to explain.

Fortunately, after years of hard work in the entertainment industry, Wen Qi is still less than 20 years old, and there are still many possibilities in the future. If she shines in this “Extraordinary Healer”, then it will also be a good transition.

What’s more, the production of this drama is really good. It is directed by Lu Chuan, which is basically a guarantee of quality. It is also expected to be broadcast on the stars, and the audience will be wider.

However, the role of a doctor is not easy to perform. In the past, there were a lot of doctor dramas, but not many were too brilliant. If you want to make professional dramas well, you still have to work hard on the actors and the actors.

Do you look forward to this “Extraordinary Healer”?


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