Wang Jianlin: I just told you not to provoke Wang Sicong, he has a serious "superior intelligence syndrome"

Wang Jianlin: I just told you not to provoke Wang Sicong, he has a serious “superior intelligence syndrome”

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Some time ago, a fresh and refined beauty hurriedly broke into everyone’s world. To be precise, this beauty brought Wang Sicong into everyone’s world. When we were aware of it, the beauty of this beauty turned out to be “his father”. “, a strange woman who can surrender Wang Sicong with her lips.

The girl’s name is Sun Yining. She cried and shouted “Wang Sicong, don’t force me” in a live broadcast, and became popular on the Internet. Afterwards, we all didn’t know what happened. We went to see the screenshots of the chat she posted and found out that Wang Sicong and She was so humble when chatting, her speech was greasy and kneeling.

If you give this Sun Yining a microphone, she might say to Wang Sicong, “A hundred causes will have results, and your retribution is me.” Then why does Wang Sicong keep biting this beauty and not letting go?

We also got the answer in his father Wang Jianlin’s answer. It turns out that Wang Sicong suffers from a severe “superior IQ syndrome”, and the origin of this superiority disease is because Wang Jianlin sent him to study abroad when Wang Sicong was very young. Wang Sicong is always very confident now.

What exactly is “superior intelligence”? Under our conventional explanation, it is a symptom of social and emotional intelligence disorders. The advantage is self-independence and firmness, but the disadvantage is pretentiousness. As for the other people who are not Wang Sicong’s side, we are not sure if he is like this, but the article “has a greater sense of demand for the opposite sex” is quite in line with Wang Sicong’s style.

Then first look at the female artists who have been sniped under Wang Sicong’s mouth

First place: Jia Qing

Her identity is very unclear. We only know that she is an actor, but many years ago, she was entangled with a super rich second-generation Qin Fen.

Qin Fen and Jia Qing’s love affairs were also reported on the Internet. Jia Qing said that his love rushed to get married. As a result, Qin Fen actually commented underneath that “things are over”, so let’s understand what this means!

Wang Sicong once publicly scolded Jia Qing on the Internet, and posted some “indecent photos” of Jia Qing on the Internet, accusing Jia Qing of character problems.

Second place: Big S

When Big S married Wang Xiaofei, he was ridiculed by Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong meant roughly that Big S was a woman who saw money and wanted sugar daddy.

Third place: Yang Chaoyue

Yang Chaoyue’s business ability is notoriously bad, but she is indeed famous for crying.

Since Yang Chaoyue appeared on the show, Wang Sicong has been scolded by Wang Sicong. Wang Sicong has mocked Yang Chaoyue for being incompetent and relying on luck to make his debut.

Wang Sicong is not afraid of being attacked by netizens because he is “a lot of wealth and billions”! He even bluntly stated that Yang Chaoyue’s debut was an insult to a dozen other people.

Fourth place: milk tea sister

This is also a woman Wang Sicong can’t understand. He thinks that the milk tea sister is only so successful when she is a sugar daddy.

And after Liu Qiangdong’s accident, Wang Sicong made various comments on the Internet, from Liu Qiangdong to the milk tea sister, and even the milk tea sister said that milk tea should become “matcha”.

We all know Wang Sicong’s willfulness, but we didn’t expect that he had always suffered from superior IQ. It’s no wonder that Fan Bingbing and Zhu Shengyi, who had been tough with him in those years, did not escape the fate of being sniped by him. Is this typical obedience to me? Whoever goes against me will die?


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