Wang Feng took his daughter to a paternity test, revealing the true face of Zhang Ziyi, the image of a good stepmother is pretending

Wang Feng took his daughter to a paternity test, revealing the true face of Zhang Ziyi, the image of a good stepmother is pretending

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Wang Feng is a talented rock singer, but his love life is also very rich! Wang Feng’s ex-wife Ge Huijie gave birth to his daughter “Little Apple” when she was still a child. But since they broke up, Ge Huijie has never stopped verbalizing Wang Feng. Why?

It turned out that one day Ge Huijie suddenly revealed on Weibo that her ex-husband Wang Feng took her daughter Xiaopingping to do a paternity test. After the news was exposed, it attracted the attention of many netizens! Later, Wang Feng immediately came forward to clarify: “The paternity test is only applicable to the child’s hukou, because the daughter is already 5 years old. As a father, I feel guilty because I can’t give the child a hukou and a complete family. There is no conspiracy, just for the child.

At that time, only 17-year-old Ge Yujie and 33-year-old Wang Feng met and fell in love! In order to realize Wang Feng’s wish to be a father, Ge Huijie gave birth to his daughter “Little Apple” at the age of 18. However, this did not last long, because the young Ge Huojie didn’t know how to take care of the children, and she played every day. Gradually, the contradiction between the two became deeper and deeper, and finally they broke up. After breaking up with Ge Huijie, Wang Feng experienced four loves! In these four loves that have not lasted for a few years, many people think that Wang Yujie will never get married again.

However, to the surprise of netizens, Zhang Ziyi, who was at the peak of her career in 2013, chose to marry Wang Feng! At that time, Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi at a birthday party with a 9-carat diamond ring, and was so moved that he cried. However, many people questioned whether she could be a good mother, but she quickly broke the doubts of many netizens. After marrying Wang Feng, Zhang Ziyi took care of this little apple! Although Little Apple is not her biological daughter, she likes her very much. They are often photographed by the media eating, shopping and traveling together, and Little Apple affectionately calls “Mom”! Now she cares about her family very much. On the 15th birthday of Little Apple, she doesn’t even care about her newborn son to celebrate her birthday. She is just with her two daughters.

I would like to extend my best wishes to Little Apple in time, “Our beautiful daughter is 15 years old and is growing up happily and healthy!” ”In the photos, it is not difficult to see that this is the true face of Zhang Ziyi! From international superstars to good wives, good mothers, to “China’s good mothers,” netizens are lamenting that Zhang Ziyi has really changed a lot. However, despite Zhang Ziyi’s changes, Ge Huojie still does not think Zhang Ziyi is a “good mother”. Not only bombarded Zhang Ziyi, but also accused her of treating Little Apple badly. In addition, many netizens said that the “good mother” setting collapsed.

But now Xiao Apple has her own judgment and thinking ability. If Zhang Ziyi is really bad for Xiao Apple, why should she call Zhang Ziyi “mother” affectionately? In fact, since she prefers to live with her and call her “mother”, we know who the real good mother is.


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