Zhang Bichen is particularly uncomfortable with Zhang Liangying. When the two sides competed for the theme song of a period drama, it was unpleasant?

“Wandering Earth 2” is indeed talking about Yiyan Qianxi, but the two parties are only negotiating and have not finalized

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Gardenia: Ouyang Nana slapped her face?

Yu Ye: Ouyang Nana and Zhong Chuxi are both competing for the promotion of lv. Originally, Ouyang Nana is quite confident and thinks that she has designated her as the master, so she also brags in various propaganda. However, the embarrassing thing is that now the title of Zhong Chuxi and Ouyang Nana’s supplement are set up above. Now Ouyang Nana feels very shameless and her team is also very upset.

Yogurt cover: Yi Yang Qianxi was walking the powder?

Yu Ye: “Wandering Earth 2” is indeed talking about Yiyan Qianxi, but the two sides are only negotiating, and they are not finalized. The reason why everyone heard the news was actually sent out on purpose by the film crew, because regardless of whether Yi Yang Qianxi finally signed a cooperation or not, it was considered as preheating for the film in advance.

Lamb: Yue Yunpeng follows Jia Ling?

Yu Ye: The success of Jia Ling’s film has given people in the comedy circle hope. Now many comedians have the idea of ​​making movies. Yue Yunpeng is also making preparations recently. He is preparing to make a movie about his father. Now he has begun to invest through connections.

Twelve: Cecilia Cheung turned his face and refused to recognize people?

Yu Ye: Although Cecilia Cheung talked and laughed with her sisters in the show, she always referred to them as sisters, but after the show was recorded, she didn’t contact them again, like a stranger, she didn’t even have a buffer time. The face change becomes extremely fast.

gre: Zhang Ziyi is not reconciled?

Yu Ye: The TV series invested by Zhang Ziyi actually lost money, and the film crew was quite dissatisfied with this, but she was unwilling to let it go, so she was investigating other film and television projects. However, this time Zhang Ziyi was more cautious, very picky about the script, and passed it if he was not satisfied.


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