Waiting? Xiao Zhan and Di Lieba are finally going to work together, this combination is too suitable for this show

Waiting? Xiao Zhan and Di Lieba are finally going to work together, this combination is too suitable for this show

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Speaking of male stars in the entertainment industry, Xiao Zhan’s past two years can be said to have been a success. First, it became popular with the drama “Chen Qing Ling”, and then became famous with the broadcast of “His Royal Highness Wolf” and “Douluo Dalu”, and the activities and endorsements were countless.

However, most of Xiao Zhan’s plays are backlogged, whether it’s the already aired “His Royal Highness Wolf”, “Douluo Continent”, or the upcoming “The rest of my life, please advise more”, it is a few years. The filming was completed before.

After Xiao Zhan’s popularity fluctuated, although he eventually became the top-tier, but there are very few films and TV dramas. The only one that can be said is “Yu Bone Yao” which was filmed some time ago.

Therefore, everyone is looking forward to Xiao Zhan’s continued efforts on the road of film and television dramas. Don’t always be immersed in activities and endorsements. After all, a good actor and a good play are the foundation.

Whether it is “Douluo Dalu” or “Jade Bone Yao”, although Xiao Zhan is the male lead, the female lead’s traffic is obviously insufficient. There is only one “please give me more advice for the rest of my life”, which is considered a strong alliance and has not been broadcast.

Therefore, fans have always hoped that Xiao Zhan can partner with some actresses whose traffic is comparable to him, such as Zhao Liying, Yang Mi, Di Lieba and other first-line actresses.

A few days ago, there was a news about Xiao Zhan’s cooperation with Di Lieba in a new drama that attracted many people’s attention. The news indicated that Xiao Zhan and Di Lieba were about to collaborate on a movie titled “So Encounter He “The new drama.

For Di Lieba, everyone should be very familiar with and like it. Especially at that time, starring Yang Mi, Zhao Youting, Gao Weiguang and others in “Three Lives III Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms”, Di Lieba’s appearance and performance can be said to have reached its peak.

Di Lieba has been committed to the development of film and television dramas, and has produced numerous excellent works. Its traffic and acting skills can be regarded as the outstanding actresses in the entertainment industry.

Now there is news that Xiao Zhan is going to perform “So Encounter He” with Di Lieba, which has made many fans cheer, is it really the time to wait?

“Encounter He Like This” is a romantic drama that takes Lin Huan and Gao Qi as the main male and female characters. It tells the story of the encounter between the two from unexpected encounters and the process of cherishing each other.

Xiao Zhan and Di Lieba are the kind of actors who can perform various roles, and both of them are among the best in terms of temperament and appearance. If they really play the role of the male and female protagonist of the play by their combination , That is really suitable.

Although the current news about Xiao Zhan and Di Lieba’s cooperation “So Encounter Ho” has not been officially announced, since there is news, there must be a reason, and they are both actors who are highly praised by the Goose Factory. Come here. A strong alliance is not a problem.


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