Forecast for 2021: Waiting for a strong wave to change the market called VinSmart

Waiting for a strong wave to change the market named VinSmart

From chasing position to new trend-maker

The big prizes at Tech Awards 2020 are worthy achievements for VinSmart – a Vietnamese phone company that has changed the game in the mobile market. Behind that memorable milestone is a journey to rise to admire, from the follower, to become the leader, conquer the market.

Vsmart was honored as the best Vietnamese phone brand at Tech Awards 2020.

In contrast to the past, if these awards were placed in the hands of VinSmart 2 years ago, when the young Vietnamese brand just came out, perhaps not many people would dare to believe it. Compared to stalwart competitors from the US, South Korea or China, VinSmart clearly entered the technology village much later.

However, right from the initial smartphone models, Vietnamese brands already know how to impress users, not only in price and quality but also in opening up a new trend, which is to focus on upgrading services. after-sales service and community building.

Before the appearance of Vsmart phones (a brand of VinSmart product), when it comes to smartphones with good configuration / selling prices, consumers can only choose smartphones from China. Vsmart has broken that concept with a series of smartphones with very good prices but possesses many outstanding advantages in configuration, such as AMOLED screen, Snapdragon chip …

Forecast for 2021: Waiting for a strong wave to change the market called VinSmart
Vsmart Aris Pro – The most remarkable super product of “Vietnamese technology giant” VinSmart.

But the most notable is the after-sales service. Vsmart is the first brand to increase the warranty period up to 18 months (compared to 12 months for other brands), creating absolute confidence and peace of mind for buyers. This change really has an impact on the market. Later, a few smartphone companies also have to extend the warranty period.

Vsmart consumers also receive special attention from the brand, when all suggestions are feedback and appreciated. According to the Vsmart fan community and some domestic technology groups, many users were sent thank you letters by VinSmart and valuable gifts (Vsmart phone, VinID voucher) after sending closed comments. to contribute to VOS 3.0 Beta.

Mr. Tran Minh Trung, Deputy General Director of VinSmart, once shared on Facebook that: “Many VFans sent their opinions” scolded “and slapped and read all their faces, but those are very valuable comments to help VinSmart. look out for defects in order to perfect their products “. These suggestions have contributed to building a custom operating system that is considered to be excellent today: VOS. According to a survey from the Vsmart user community on the level of satisfaction with VOS 3.0, out of more than 3,000 votes, the majority expressed satisfaction.

Confidently master the world’s leading technology

Overcoming the stereotypes of consumers about a Vietnamese brand product and the difficulties of dealing with a wide range of products from foreign competitors, Vsmart gradually reaped sweet fruits. Solid market share, large user community and huge support from domestic consumers … are things Vsmart deserves.

Forecast for 2021: Waiting for a strong wave to change the market called VinSmart
Beautiful singer MLee is one of many famous people who believe in choosing Vsmart Aris Pro.

Not stopping, solid steps also make VinSmart a leader in the technology trend. Smartphones called Vsmart Aris series convey a completely new message from Vsmart: not only compete with the world’s leading brands by configuration / selling price, Vsmart smartphones will now also compete fairly. technology. VinSmart has launched phone models with 3 currently considered leading technologies: 5G network connectivity, camera technology hidden under the screen, and integrated with the most secure Quantum Security chip today. .

Particularly with the technology that uses hidden cameras under the screen, VinSmart has solved the difficult problem with mobile phone companies over the years. In order to create a quality image through the camera placed under the screen, the manufacturer must find a way to break all the physical rules, causing light to pass through the curtain without being scattered, leading to deterioration in quality. Picture. VinSmart, with the great support from Vingroup’s technology ecosystem, has successfully applied Artificial Intelligence to the product to solve this problem. Continuously the praise from the user then proved: The technology made by Vietnamese engineers can completely reach world class, even take the lead.

Forecast for 2021: Waiting for a strong wave to change the market called VinSmart
Vsmart displayed the Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone at the Tech Awards 2020 event.

Suddenly, from the position of pursuers with the big guys, Vsmart can now confidently move forward, leading a new trend when owning the leading technology in the market.

Get ready for a big 2021 boom

But the most surprising information revealed was that Vsmart will produce smartphones for the US market. In October 2020, according to sources of Bloomberg and Nikkei, Vietnamese technology corporation Vingroup signed a contract with an American company to manufacture and supply smartphones for this market. Accordingly, Vingroup is expected to produce up to 2 million devices with 4 4G smartphone versions for a US company. Currently, a few shipments have been shipped.

Besides smartphones, VinSmart does not hide its desire to set foot in the field of home electronics, fully serving the needs of Vietnamese users. The first Vsmart-branded TVs were on the market and recently, the first air purifiers were also revealed. In the future, Vietnamese people can fully expect other high-tech products to serve human life, researched and produced by VinSmart. Although the company has not had information about this, industry experts have said that it is highly likely that VinSmart will participate in the research, development and production of a smart device ecosystem for life and may rise. forcefully market the world with this ecosystem.

Forecast for 2021: Waiting for a strong wave to change the market called VinSmart
The smart home system developed by VinSmart includes a central controller and connected devices including cameras, door sensors, smart switches, alarms …

Leading new technology – excellent after-sales service – the ability to supply world-class products, in just over 2 years, VinSmart has achieved all 3 convincing achievements. It is worth mentioning that these achievements have appeared in the context of the global supply chain facing the accumulated difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, once the world enters a recovery phase, it will not be surprising that we will be witnessing stronger waves, capable of changing the market situation, creating things. new magic comes from the Vietnamese brand VinSmart.

Vsmart opened the new year with the award ‘Best Vietnamese phone brand Tech Awards 2020’

( On January 8, 2021, VinSmart Research and Production Joint Stock Company (under Vingroup Group) was honored to be the Best Vietnamese Phone Brand in Tech Awards 2020. Phone products Vsmart Aris Pro and Vsmart Live 4 won “hat-trick” when respectively recognized in 3 categories: Phone leading the technology trend; Best Popular Phone and Innovative Technology Product 2020.


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