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[Vui] Apple AirPods: Technology products or symbols of wealth?

Jacob Gallagher's article, published in The Wall Street Journal

Will Kellogg is not really proud of his headphones. In New York City, where people wear their pleasing white AirPods in a proud way, Will still listens to music with a wired headset that the kids look at will ask, "people still produce headphones. Is this? ”The 26-year-old manager of a bitter Brooklyn theater admitted,“ I still use wired ears. ” Last December, Will wrote a self-mocking tweet, taking a quote from actress Catherine Zeta-Jones: "I will not apologize for my wealth, beauty and fame." That statement, thought correctly for a part of AirPods users, especially young people in the west.

The AirPods itself has become a meme on the internet to describe the "money" of its owners. Most of these meme images are used to mock the owners of AirPods that boast of their tech items. And unknowingly, Apple's $ 159 wireless headset pair became "fashionable" literally. More and more people buy them since the memo images of AirPods flood the internet.

Apple did not disclose sales of AirPods, but Google Trends released the figures, that amount of search for AirPods on Google has increased 9 times in 2 years, from the end of 2016 (when AirPods are officially sold). by the end of 2018.

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The "young people of the new era" enchanted the clean and clean appearance of Apple products from the time of Steve Jobs to now, and the design of AirPods itself cannot be mistaken. The first is a smooth design, a little funny, it looks like a drop of water on either side of the ear. This image alone is enough for you to make 1001 little pictures to mock the AirPods users. But in fact, it becomes a trend because of the price. USD 159 is expensive enough for people to admire, especially when you can put a few hundred thousand to buy a pair of headphones with enough hearing ability to call and control the volume on the phone, but it is cheap enough for young people at the same time. Age can buy them for use.

People have changed the concept of "luxury goods" over the years. In the technology era, an expensive technology item was more than enough to make attention much more than fashionable clothes. The housewives seem to know this too. Last month at Paris Fashion Week, Dior put their models on stage wearing Christian Dior clothes and wearing leather AirPods around their necks.

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Meanwhile, the audiophile brothers seem to hate this toy very much. Comedians use that to sarcasm, with memes like "AirPods sound better than Bose", or video clips of comedian Trevor Wallace called "Wears AirPods Once". In an clip, an AirPods user feels more "superior" than those using wired headphones. But putting aside sarcasm aside, we can all agree that AirPods is a fashion statement in the midst of technology.

Of course, there are more headset pairs that are more expensive than AirPods, such as the newly launched PowerBeats pair of $ 200, or the Louis Vuitton headphones that cost up to a thousand. But AirPods are still a sarcastic target for many people, as it has become extremely popular and popular, making it much easier to boast than more expensive products. And to do this, social networking has contributed a small part of the effort.


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