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[Vui] 50 years ago the astronauts on the moon "go heavy" like?

To perform the historic mission on July 20, 1969 when the Apollo 11 ship landed on the moon, astronauts, including Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, had to practice a lot to operate in the the environment where gravity is only 17% of the earth, and there is absolutely no atmosphere like "at home". But among the obstacles on the moon, the most challenging is probably … going to the toilet.

NASA engineers in the 60s and 70s of the last century were busy thinking about how to design a spacecraft that could take astronauts to the moon and return home safely, so busy they forgot to design the toilet in this ship. In fact, it was not until the 1980s that shuttles had a toilet. In the 70s, the Skylab space station had a toilet, but it was completely unlike what you thought, but it was a hole like the one below, the astronauts had to… dry the waste and throw it away:

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An official NASA report also said: "Urination is one of the problems for astronauts." In the Apollo 11 mission, those who set foot on the moon had to pee their bags, literally. Bags with metal and rubber fittings, you look at the tube structure to imagine how to use it : D It was completely unsuitable for astronauts, and after all, there were no female astronauts on Apollo. The astronauts recall, sometimes spilling some water out:

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Ironically, how much more uncomfortable is defecation. NASA report says: "Because there is no system that allows to address the most basic needs of the body, an extremely sketchy system with plastic bags is used to keep astronauts' waste." The bag looks like this, and there's a small compartment to put your fingers in to pick up the paper and don't dirty your hands:

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However, there are still accidents. This is the true story of Apollo 10's black box recorded in May 1969, when astronaut Tom Stafford warned his teammates: "Get me a quick sheet of paper, there's a floating stool in the ship!" Even space explorers don't know who it is.

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The story of sadness doesn't stop there, because NASA wants astronauts to bring their waste to Earth for analysis. So after the problem was solved, the astronauts had to pack the waste into the bag, seal it tightly and … press it down so that it wouldn't take up space, then pour the biocide into it and bring it back to earth. “Basically, the Apollo waste management system works almost as well on the engineers' side. But for astronauts, it's too inconvenient. ”

For that reason, astronauts often take laxatives before going to space, and then use drugs to make the digestive system work more slowly so that it doesn't take too long to resolve individual needs in tasks. requires time accuracy. But when standing on the moon's surface, not using the bag, the astronauts were forced to close their diapers! Buzz Aldrin even confidently admitted that he was the first person to pour water on the moon.

The engraved metal piece Aldrin and Armstrong left on the moon 50 years ago, said they were the first to set footprints here, but it did not mention that they were also the first to … solve it. sad on the moon.


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