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Vsmart is distributed in Myanmar market

Not long after selling out in Spain, the recent Vsmart phones were officially introduced and sold in Myanmar market, continuing to extend the list of Asian markets in particular and globally connected. presence of mobile phone brand Vinsmart.

In Myanmar, such as Vsmart will be distributed by Strong Source with nearly 1500 stores. In addition, the device is also sold by 2 major retailers in Myanmar, Mytel (Viettel) and Shop.com.mm (Alibaba) via both online and direct channels.

At the first stage, Vsmart will distribute 4 smart phones in Myanmar market including Joy1, Joy1 +, Active 1 and Active 1+. For those who miss, Active 1+ is the most advanced model of Vsmart at the present time, with 3 colors: green, black and rose gold. Active 1+ has a metal frame, rabbit ears and screen, SnapDragon 660 chip, 6GB RAM. The camera has a 24MP selfie camera and dual camera to remove 12MP fonts.

Joy 1+ is designed with fake plastic glass, rabbit ear monitor, Snapdragon 430 chip, 3GB RAM. The machine has 2 colors of cobalt blue, black. In particular, Joy 1+ has 4000mAh battery capacity – the most of the series sold.

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Vinsmart said that in order to penetrate new markets, Vsmart products must pass nearly 2,500 standard tests (including hardware tests, mechanical tests and software tests) at BQ's laboratory (Tay Spain) and Vsmart factory. In addition, the phones are tested in Qualcomm's laboratories.

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