Give it to VinHomes, Vsmart residents or not?

Vsmart accounts for 7.5% of smartphone market share in Vietnam

( With the low price and high configuration in the segment, Vsmart has more or less really gained a foothold in the hearts of users in Vietnam.

In December 2019, all residents of VinHomes will receive notifications of the Vsmart phone gifting program for customers who already own or have signed contracts to buy and sell products of VinGroup’s real estate. . This is a tribute gift for the New Year to customers who trust and use this brand’s products.

According to statistics, Vsmart sold 600,000 units in 2019 in the domestic market and is one of the company’s best-selling phones, including Vsmart Live and Vsmart Star. An independent market research firm indicated that Vsmart’s market share in Vietnam is 6%. According to Tran Minh Trung, Deputy General Director of VinSmart, this figure increased to 7.5% in December last year. This is a huge number if you know that Vsmart has recently launched and is a Vietnamese phone company.

Give it to VinHomes, Vsmart residents or not?
Deputy Tong Director Vinsmart Tran Minh Trung

Explaining this gift-giving campaign, Mr. Trung said that besides being grateful to customers, this is also a method to help increase brand awareness to potential customers, so that users can have more opportunities to experience Vsmart. . Vingroup is currently making efforts to bring Vietnamese users more advanced products.


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