Vodafone Germany branch ceases providing Chinese cable TV service

Vodafone Germany branch ceases providing Chinese cable TV service

Vodafone mobile telecommunications group in Germany has stopped distributing cable TV channel CGTN (China Global Television Network) – MGlobal Television is owned by the Chinese state because of a media conflict between the UK and China.

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On Friday (Feb. 12), the German branch of UK mobile telecommunications group Vodafone said it hopes to restore cable TV channel CGTN to its service packages, but for now. they do not have a valid license to do so.

The United Kingdom last week revoked CGTN’s license to distribute content in this country. The incident attracted protests from China, making the British BBC news channel banned from accessing television networks in China and Hong Kong.

A governing body spokesperson in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, one of the CGTN content broadcast regions, said CGTN was distributed in Germany under UK license.

Under the terms of the 1989 agreement on “cross-border television”, set forth under the auspices of the Council of Europe (of which the UK remains a member), the television distribution policy In one European country that applies to most of the region – meaning CGTN may now have to be discontinued across the continent.

The agreement has been signed by all European Union (EU) countries as well as many non-EU countries, including most of the countries of the Balkans and Ukraine.

Vodafone Group said: “We are currently discussing the withdrawal of the license with both the regional media and broadcasters’ representatives to clarify the legal situation.”

Side CGTN did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment on Friday, a Chinese New Year’s holiday.

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