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Vo Huy Toan will be the secret weapon of Vietnam Tel

Video: Highlights Vietnam 1-0 UAE (Source: VFF, Next Sports)

In a meeting with his colleagues at VFF, Coach Park Hang Seo accidentally revealed the tactics board that he intended to apply to Vietnam Tel, along with 4 new elements that he intended to convene. When the team returned, Huy Toan, Khac Ngoc, Hai Huy and Van Hao returned.

Of these, Hai Huy and Van Hao are the first 2 players to have the opportunity to be recruited. And Khac Ngoc, and especially Vo Huy Toan, are the players who have had time to devote to the national team.

This is not the first time the Korean strategist has his eyes on Vo Huy Toan. Previously, in order to prepare for the first leg match with Malaysia in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Asia, coach Park Hang Seo also summoned the player who was playing for SHB Da Nang.

It is known that Park Hang Seo coach has “judged” Vo Huy Toan right from the start in Vietnam Tel. Not only that, during the break of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Korean strategist also regularly reviewed the video of Vietnam Tel under Miura and was especially impressed with Huy Toan.

Coach Park Hang Seo likes the speed of this midfielder on the left wing, along with his enthusiasm and desire to contribute to the team every time he comes into the game. This is also the strongest point of the midfielder of the Ho Chi Minh City Club.

Therefore, during Huy Toan’s injury and treatment at PVF center, coach Park Hang Seo kept updating the situation of SHB midfielder Da Nang through Dr. Choi.

It was Mr. Park who set out the treatment schedule and required Dr. Choi to treat Huy Toan’s injuries thoroughly, as in the case of Tuan Anh earlier. This was enough to see the interest, as well as appreciate the ability of the Korean coach for Huy Toan.



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