VMware announces new solutions to protect digital infrastructure in Vietnam - VnReview

VMware announces new solutions to protect digital infrastructure in Vietnam – VnReview

VMware Corporation has announced new solutions to better secure digital infrastructure and online workspaces for businesses and organizations in Vietnam.

According to VMware, leading organizations in Vietnam promptly adjusted and accelerated their digital transformation efforts in the past year when they had to suddenly switch to a remote working environment. However, this rapid digital transformation also broadened the range of threats, and attackers did not pass up the opportunity to exploit these new vulnerabilities. To respond to that changing threat landscape, VMware has announced its latest solutions to better secure the digital infrastructure and online workspaces for businesses and organizations.

As Vietnam transitions to recovery and growth in a new distributed environment, security is a top priority. As consumers perceive the most important data to be protected is personal data, organizations need to rethink security strategies to protect essential customer data in a remote business environment.

“Cyber ​​attacks and breaches are long-term challenges for organizations, especially for those operating in a heterogeneous business environment like Vietnam,” said Pham Viet Thang, director of Country Manager of VMware Vietnam commented.

According to Thang, cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, and threat actors are always looking for ways to exploit security holes. Against this backdrop, organizations need a simpler, faster, and smarter approach with effective resilience to keep their online workforce safe from attacks. network public.

“Comprehensive workspace transformation, including security, accessibility, and speed, is critical and essential for Vietnam’s remote workforce. , helping Vietnam adapt and accelerate towards the digital future,” Thang said.

VMware’s new security solutions include:

• Simplify Zero-Trust security for better monitoring and control of digital infrastructure: This federated approach unites critical user control points, device types, workloads and networks with essential data from all sources to create a simpler, faster, and smarter Zero-Trust security strategy.

• Better secure your online workspace without compromising the experience: VMware Anywhere Workspace solutions include VMware Workspace ONE, VMware SASE and VMware Carbon Black Cloud, empowering online organizations to manage better multimodal working experience of workers, better security than distributed edge network, and automate the workspace in today’s new working environment.

• Better, faster and smarter data center security: VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall product helps security teams better protect data center traffic Cross application types across different environments and platforms such as virtual machines, physical servers, containers or the cloud against insider threats and avoid damage once these threats have penetrated. network.

• Better security for modern applications and cloud-based workloads, creating flexible and dynamic workspaces: VMware Modern Apps Connectivity provides a diverse set of applications. built-in application delivery services that enable operators to centrally manage comprehensive traffic routing, application resilience, and security policies in a multi-site environment and the cloud

In addition to introducing VMware Anywhere Workspace, VMware is expanding its vision of the future of work through a partnership with Zoom Video Communications, which owns the Zoom video conferencing software. By combining three solutions including VMware Workspace ONE, VMware Carbon Black and VMware SASE Platform, the VMware Anywhere Workspace solution eliminates the bottlenecks that may exist between IT systems and employees to empower employees to work from anywhere. The current. As a result, the collaboration experience becomes better and security is more assured.

The partnership between VMware and Zoom aims to develop interoperability between VMware Anywhere Workspace and the Zoom collaboration platform, to further improve ease of use, application and network performance, and security. for hybrid work environments.

Specifically, VMware Anywhere Workspace has a deep understanding of Zoom user-enabled networks and devices, helping IT departments respond faster and more efficiently. In addition, VMware Anywhere Workspace combined with Zoom will provide users with a consistent experience on any device, from any location, across any network by supporting the multimodal experience of employees in the work environment. combined.


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