Vladimir Putin's multi-purpose trip

Vladimir Putin’s multi-purpose trip

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                        Putin left Syria to Turkey, preparing to launch TurkStream’s second route to Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to Syria and went to Turkey on January 7 to prepare for the opening of the second route of the gas pipeline from Turkey to the countries of Southeast Europe.

Specialist translation of Vladimir Putin's services
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Erdogan

According to the Kremlin, the Russian leader will attend the official launch of the TurkStream gas pipeline on January 8.

The pipeline passes through the Black Sea from Russia to Turkey and continues to extend to Turkey’s borders with its southeastern European neighbors via Bulgaria. TurkStream consists of two pipes, each with an annual capacity of 15.75 bcm.

The issues discussed between the two leaders are expected to involve further developments in Russia-Turkey cooperation and many international issues including Syria and Libya.

Putin arrived in Istanbul from Damascus, where he met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, visited the headquarters of the Russian Armed Forces group and drove along the streets of Damascus.

The Kremlin press previously reported that Putin had talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and planned a visit to Turkey.

Specialist translation of Vladimir Putin's services
Putin lands on Turkey.

Besides the issue in Idlib, Syria, Libya is also an important content between the two leaders.

Since Gaddafi’s departure in 2011, two areas of power have emerged in Libya: Haftar in eastern Libya, supported primarily by Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and GNA forces. in the capital Tripoli.

The Russian side is believed to have deployed mercenaries to support military commander Khalifa Haftar, while Turkey supports the United Nations-recognized National Agreement (GNA) Government of Libya led by Fayez al-Sarraj. top.

London-based Arab al-Jadid reported that two Russian Air Force aircraft allegedly carrying Russian mercenaries from Syria landed at Benghazi airport in the past three days to join the UAE and Egypt in supporting the forces. by General Haftar.

Turkey, meanwhile, has repeatedly been accused of providing military support to GNA forces held in Tripoli.

Putin’s trip this time in the middle of the Middle East is facing the confusion after the US use of UAV missile attack on Iranian senior General, triggering retaliation from Iran to target the US base in Iraq. It is not excluded that Iran and the US will come up with a stronger response scenario and the possibility that US bases in the Middle East will be in the target area. US bases in eastern Syria are also not excluded. Trump has vowed to withdraw all troops from the country and cede the battlefield to Turkey but has remained hesitant to defend the Kurdish allies in the region.

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