Sforum - The latest technology information page vivo-5g-phone-a Vivo will unveil its first 5G smartphone next week

Vivo will unveil its first 5G smartphone next week

Not to slow down in the era of 5G mobile network, Vivo will also launch a 5G smartphone of its own next week.

The latest and fastest 5G generation network has finally been commercialized in China. Four major operators in the billion-dollar nation have also received a 5G network license. Many Chinese smartphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus and ZTE have also released their own 5G smartphone. Recently, Vivo has officially announced that it will join the 5G mobile era with the first 5G smartphone to be released.

Specifically, today Vivo posted an image on social network Weibo, saying that he will attend the MWC event in Shanghai on June 26th. Although this image does not really imply that Vivo will launch a 5G smartphone, however with the phrase "Give me 5! (5G creates a new life experience) [Tạm dịch: “Đưa cho tôi 5! (5G tạo nên trải nghiệm mới trong cuộc sống)] then we can be sure that Vivo will release something related to 5G which is most likely a 5G smartphone.

Sforum - Vivo's latest news page vivo-5g-phone will unveil its first 5G smartphone next week

Previously, Vivo also announced that he was researching and developing a 5G smartphone by customizing the current Vivo NEX S and integrating modem Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X50 5G. Maybe Vivo's upcoming 5G smartphone will be called Vivo NEX S 5G.

MWC event will be held in Shanghai on June 26 here. Sforum will update the hottest news around this event to readers.

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