vivo ranks 5th global smartphone brand in 2020

According to a report by IDC, the smartphone market in 2020 saw a decline of 5.9% in sales from the previous year. This is not too surprising, when the complicated epidemic situation in the past year has partly affected the demand for new smartphones of users around the world.

Although the market has recovered somewhat in the last months of the year, it is difficult for the smartphone giants to find the old “halo.” However, the vivo phone company is a positive exception. IDC shows that the number of vivo phones sold exceeds 110 million units in 2020, helping the company account for 8.6 global markets.Vivo is also one of the rare mobile phone companies that can maintain the sales growth. year.

One of the most important changes for vivo in 2020 is the continuation of building a “long-term” race track to upgrade technology for its products. developed and applied to product lines quickly.

Being in the Top 5 global smartphone brands, vivo is one of the few phone companies with the ability to self-produce and research and manufacture. With 9 R&D centers (Research and Development) worldwide, vivo is capable of producing and creating nearly 200 million products per year. The ability to independently manufacture also allows vivo to be independent from third parties and to be surprised by disruptions in parts supply, production and sales in the face of the rapidly escalating pandemic.

Production capacity and autonomy also allow vivo to maintain the speed of product launch that is ahead of 5G network technology. Just a short time after the 5G network was put into operation in several countries, vivo has launched more than 20 models of 5G-compatible phones in different price segments, thereby meeting the demand. demand of users in different market segments.

In 2020, vivo has expanded the market to more than 40 countries and regions, thereby continuing to assert its leading position in the market, creating a trend. In October, vivo officially marked an important milestone in the process of globalization with a “pitch” in six European countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK. At the event, vivo also announced a long-term strategic partnership with the European UEFA European Football Federation, as well as playing the role of the “Global Smartphone of the UEFA EURO European Football Championship” 2020 ( held in 2021) and 2024.

In Vietnam, it can be said that 2020 is a big challenge for many smartphone manufacturers, but it is an opportunity for many other brands, including vivo. With many products that have achieved outstanding success such as the trendy mid-range smartphone V20 attracting special attention from young people, vivo also proves a major breakthrough in technology when bringing the high-end flagship X50 series to Vietnam. Male. With many outstanding technologies in terms of features, design, camera taking photos that are not inferior to professional cameras, … has caused a big surprise from smartphone lovers in Vietnam.


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