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Vivo patents clamshell smartphone with outward folding screen

A new Vivo mobile phone with a folding screen has been spotted on the Chinese patent site CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). This has the particularity of having a folding screen on the lower part, which can be folded outwards.

This is a rather atypical smartphone, but it has many advantages, such as not using a front sensor for selfies.

Vivo patent for a folding smartphone – Credit: LetsGoDigital

Vivo is certainly one of the most innovative Chinese manufacturers. The company recently developed a new smartphone concept, called IFEA, which has a detachable front camera module. We also saw a Vivo phone whose glass back changes color on demand.

Vivo is not the only smartphone maker to explore new ways to create a folding smartphone. Indeed, OPPO had recently patented the OPPO X Nendo, a concept of folding smartphone that is unlike any other.

No photo sensor on the front, selfies are taken on the back

According to the patent images, the flexible screen which can bend backwards from the bottom, so that part of the rear panel is covered with a screen. Thanks to the back folding, the smartphone does not use any photo sensor on the front. Indeed, as part of the screen is at the back when folded, this allows users to use the back photo sensors to take selfies.

However, once unfolded, users can enjoy a fairly long screen, since it is at least 30% larger than a conventional smartphone. We imagine that this would not be very practical in use. In addition, according to the patent images, only the OLED panel can be unfolded. We could therefore legitimately question the strength of the phone.

The patent also reveals a configuration with four cameras housed in a square photo module. As the phone cannot fully fold, he could use a periscope, which is not the case with current flip smartphones like the Galaxy Z Flip or the Motorola Razr. As this is only a patent, there is currently no certainty that Vivo will ever market such a smartphone.

Vivo brevet d'un LetsGoDigital smartphone
Vivo patent for a folding smartphone – Credit: LetsGoDigital

Source : LetsGoDigital

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