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Vision|2020, several key changes that have been and are happening in the gaming industry



Rosky interviewed dozens of game company helms, looking back at 2020 and looking forward to the vision of the game industry. Since there are many content views, we have divided it into several series. The content of this issue focuses on the core point of change.

In the process of communicating with everyone, we felt the deepest thing that all mentioned “change”.

Not only the R&D issuer, but also three-party services, a major industry-wide adjustment in traffic platforms and business models is taking place. Of course, those issues are the usual talk. Product shortage is a topic that the industry cannot avoid in the past few years. The release of products is lacking, and R&D is also confused. Behind the “product shortage problem” is not really a lack of products, but a lack of products that meet market planning and game users. Technology is innovating, and platforms are turning into black boxes. There is not much time to feed on dividends and luck.

The market is still full of surprises, but opportunities and tracks are left to the companies that are still alive. As for whether you can make money while you are alive, or whether you can make money to survive, the bosses have a mental account. Respect the market, respect the users, and please respect ourselves. Product development is based on accumulation, and the participation of post-95 game practitioners is injecting new vitality into the industry.

The impact of the epidemic: China’s capture of the global market has accelerated greatly, and games going overseas will become normal in 2021

Yans, CEO of Shenzhen Zhanhou Network:

The 2020 epidemic came too suddenly. In addition to players having more time, it also disrupted the studio’s release of games, leading to a game shortage in early 2021. If the middle-to-upper quality games launched in early 2021, it is easy to get good results.

Company profile: R&D based on Shenzhen.

Liu Ming, CEO of Beijing Palm Wish Interactive:

The poor control of the epidemic situation in Europe and the United States gives Chinese companies overseas a chance to catch up. Originally, the competitiveness of Chinese companies in the field of mobile games is the only one in the world. Under the changes of 2020, the speed of Chinese companies to fully capture the global mobile game market has greatly accelerated.

Company profile: The main business is self-developed overseas elimination games for more than 6 years.

The three questions in the game industry have changed from optional extra points to mandatory guarantee propositions

Tao Zhaohong, head of R2Games Qi Miao Studio::

Under the background that the number of domestic editions has dropped sharply from nearly 10,000 in 17 years to 1,315 last year, differentiated products, mixed commercialization, and globalization of overseas markets have also changed from optional extra points to guaranteed propositions.

The epidemic has magnified and accelerated this trend. While we saw the performance of major companies and medium-sized companies that have been deeply involved in overseas, we saw that many small and medium-sized teams were struggling, and data showed that the number of cps dropped from 33,000 in 2019. Less than 30,000.

The bonus period for mini games, online games, and advertising games has passed

Zhao Hang, COO of Yomob:

Category integration, cross-border research and development, market racing, and the light/medium market remains the biggest new opportunity.

The bonus period of small games, Wangzhuan games, advertising games has passed, the mentality must return to stability, focus on products, and focus on accumulation. Companies of different sizes have their own troubles. Small companies only need to make a profitable product to develop. Medium-sized companies must continue to occupy a category, and large companies are always looking for the next change.

Company profile: Yojoy is a casual game brand under Yomob Youmu Technology. The team has been established for three years. Five products have entered the top five App Stores in China and the United States, with cumulative users over 50 million.

The buying market lacks explosive products from the beginning of the year to the end of the year

Wu Hongjun, CEO of Wuhan Leqi Game:

Every year is the hardest, and it is getting harder every year. Incredibility has become the norm. The buying market lacks explosive products from the beginning to the end of the year. Even if there are some better products, they are exclusive or in-system play. The product structure of the entire market has changed. Don’t expect good products to come out, but consider how to lay out and exit. Alliance cooperation is inevitable.

Company profile: Domestic heavy game buying and distribution.

If a good product in the country is not issued strongly, it is difficult to get enough traffic

Penny Qian, Head of Kwalee China:

I think that the capital flow and flow will eventually gradually concentrate in the hands of the head company. Now the issuance of CP is very common, and it is difficult to get enough traffic for good products in China without the help of strong issuance. When large-scale traffic media participate in the game track, the funds and traffic will eventually be highly concentrated.

The most important thing to play games now is to love life, not to make money. When the game team starts to feel anxious, numb, and lacking enthusiasm for brainstorming, project setting, and testing, it is time to pause. This has violated the spirit of entertainment and innovation, so there is a high probability that it will not be able to bring joy to users.

Company profile: Kwalee is the largest hyper-casual game publishing company in the UK. It has so far achieved more than 500 million downloads and installations, and 20 of the world’s number one hot games are on the list.

It’s important to build product and material barriers for intelligent overseas investment

Jiang Huiwei, CEO of Beijing Fingertip Rhythm:

With the squeeze of the domestic market, most manufacturers have turned to overseas battlefields, which brings fiercer competition, including products and purchases. With the launch of Google and Facebook becoming more intelligent, only materials can really open the gap between different vendors. Therefore, if you want to have a place in the overseas battlefield, you can only calm down and polish your products to form your own product and material barriers.

Company profile: Fingertip Rhythm focuses on the development and distribution of overseas casual games. The total download volume of the entire line of matrix products has exceeded 50 million.

Integrated gameplay is being implemented in various types of games

Keith Kawahata, Head of Game at AppLovin:

In the industry this year, I think the most incredible thing is that the mobile game industry is gradually integrating into the RPG game mechanisms and systems used in traditional PC games and console games, including skills, inventory or loot, and character progression. Now from fishing games, football to puzzle games, all these elements are integrated.

Coincidentally, we find that casual games are gradually incorporating some RPG, moderate or heavy game elements to make them more competitive and social. Similarly, some medium-to-heavy games have also borrowed from casual game elements, and have adopted gameplay that is suitable for mass user experience and short-term gameplay.

Finally, in 2020, the overall strength of the mobile game industry compared to other industries will be improved, and funds will gradually flow to game studios, products and publishers.

Company profile: AppLovin helps developers from game development, marketing, monetization, data analysis and distribution. In 2020, it has cooperated with many excellent game studios to launch “Rescue Miss Sister”, “Project Makeover” and “Bing Duoduo” And many other games.

The rise of online earning categories squeezes the market space of casual games

TopOn CEO Liang Xiaoling:

Regardless of the industry or TopOn, 2020 is a magical year. For the industry, the rise of the online earning category in 2020 has squeezed the market space of casual games that have just emerged in 2019, and has not yet recovered.

In 2020, Wangzhuan games will educate the vast number of users in China to change their perception of games from spending money to not spending money to making money. Wangzhuan will normalize and make products in the follow-up evolution in 2021. In 2021, casual games have a high probability of finding a little bit of vitality and space for market survival while the platform ecology returns.

Company profile: TopOn is the world’s leading mobile advertising monetization tool.

The future potential of the leisure track is incredible

Xu Peixiang, general manager of Ohayoo casual games:

In the first half of the year, I felt incredible about many things, including the rise of some categories, and some developers encountered troughs and even left the market; but in the second half of the year, after more face-to-face chats with users and developers, I found that everything was reasonable. The inconceivable is more because it did not really bow down to take the time to grasp the pulse of the market. If you have to say incredible, it is incredible about the future potential of this track.

Company profile: The Ohayoo casual game platform was established in 2019, with a total of more than 150 games released, with a cumulative download of more than 500 million, and a cumulative developer share of more than 600 million.

The implementation of user privacy data protection will greatly change the game industry

Penny Qian, Head of Kwalee China:

In the industry this year, I think the most incredible thing is: the balance between user privacy data and traffic monetization. The implementation of iOS14 has forced the mobile advertising industry to face: what it would be like to lose what we take for granted.

Dai Bin, Head of App Annie Greater China:

Apple’s restrictions on IDFA will not only greatly change the format of advertising and attribution, but also show that the protection of user privacy is an area that the regulatory level and core companies in the ecosystem attach great importance to. The entire Internet industry will enter an era of stricter protection of user privacy, and the collection of information and data must also be legal and compliant.

Involved in the game industry, there is still a 5-year bonus period when going overseas

Liu Ming, CEO of Beijing Palm Wish Interactive:

Our company is self-developed and self-developed overseas match-3 games. It is a year of steady progress for us. This direction is the Red Sea in the Red Sea. There are no shortcuts. If the key word is “Step by step”, let’s use it.

Regarding the industry, the term “involution” has become popular recently, and it can well summarize the current situation of the game industry; in other words, competition has intensified, profit margins have decreased, and the threshold for participating in competition has continued to increase. There is also an optimistic point of view that the independent stand-alone game user group is more stable and mature. Although this road is not a good choice for commercial companies, the ideal small team living environment has improved.

Make two bold predictions: First, as long as the mobile game platform is not eliminated in the next 5 years, the trend of oligopoly will not change. The second is that the scale of Chinese mobile games going to sea continues to grow, until all the mainstream products in the global market are Chinese companies fighting each other, there is about a five-year bonus period.

Rosky will continue to launch the “Foresight” series, you are welcome to contact us for a chat!

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