ViPER4Windows: Improve audio in Windows

ViPER4Windows: Improve audio in Windows

ViPER4Windows is a Windows audio enhancement software delivering much better sound on your laptop speakers, or your HiFi system. The program improves the sound quality of headphones, desktops or external speakers. Improve the sound of your computer and make music, movies, video games, and online radio sound better. Raise the volume above the maximum. Boost the sound of instant messaging programs like Skype, YouTube videos, web browsers, any kind of Media Player, or any other audio player. Increase the volume of your laptop. Using ViPER4Windows you can increase the sound while at the same time improving the sound on your laptop speakers or headphones without sacrificing the sound quality.

For users running Windows 10

Because the program is not working properly in windows 10 we used an unofficial version of the application which you can download From here and that worked perfectly in the tests we did. However, to configure the application what you need to do after installing the program is secondarily after you do click on the configutaror button select your devices one by one and press the install button to install, so you can make the adjustments you want and adjust the sound in real time through the app. To uninstall it do the opposite, click Uninstall.

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