“Violet Evergarden the Movie” Review

Evaluation 64 points All 140 minutes

Synopsis The development of new technology has gradually changed our lives, and people have begun to move forward.Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Interpretation of “I love you”

    1. future
    2. Time and change
    3. Death and promise
    4. Colonel
    5. survive
    6. Atonement
    7. can not meet
    8. Reunion
  2. General comment: I didn’t cry, I was made to cry

    1. Personal impression: Meaning of love

Interpretation of “I love you”

This work is a theatrical movie work of Violet Evergarden.
Directed by Taichi Ishidate, the same as TV animation, produced by Kyoto Animation.
The review will include spoilers, so if you don’t like spoilers
Please see after viewing.


Image source: “Violet Evergarden the Movie” Main story opening scene 10 minutes from special release
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

When the movie started, the original of “Violet Evergarden”
It starts from the future in chronological order.
With the development of technology, “letters” are no longer used as they used to be.
Naturally, the era when “automatic dolls” were also obsolete. It starts from such an era.

“Letter” is one of the themes of this work.
In an era when letters with such a theme were obsolete
A “letter” given to a grandmother who died
The story begins where you find it.

It’s definitely “Violet Evergarden”
It was a ghostwriter and is a memorable letter for many who saw this work.
Even though time has passed, times have changed, and the culture of letters is disappearing
The “shape” of the letter remains. Unlike the telephone, my thoughts remain in shape.
A letter that remains even if the person who sent it and the person who sent it died.

By drawing the future, while conveying the goodness of such a “remaining letter”
Violet Evergarden at the age of 18
By presenting the fact that the CH postal company was quitting to the viewer
“Why she quit CH Post”
I am worried about the future development.

People with weak lacrimal glands in this opening scene may be a little bad (laughs)

Time and change

Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

After showing the future, it shifts to the present time series.
“Violet Evergarden” is a popular automatic memoir doll
It is popular and has a big job.

It makes me feel that time has passed
Each character is also changing little by little,
Even after those who were written by Violet Evergarden
The glimpse of the drawing makes you feel the passage of time.

But Violet Evergarden hasn’t changed.
Regaining emotion as she works as an automatic puppet,
My feelings for “Major” remain unbroken. At the stage of the TV series
To some extent, it seemed like I had some sort of mind,
The passage of time and “familiarity with work” revives the feelings for the Major.

I can’t break up in the repeating days and the passage of time,
The feelings I couldn’t give up grew bigger and bigger in her,
Every day I write a letter to a major who has no “destination”.
No matter how much she wishes, she loses her emotional destination.

Visiting the Major’s mother’s grave every month on behalf of the Major
Don’t forget the existence of Major in the “shadow” of Major.
For her, the Major who gave me “I love you” is an absolute existence,
It was also worth living.

Although the past of Violet and Major is depicted in fragments,
It looks like a omnibus, and there are few new scenes.

A work called “Violet Evergarden”
Even if you haven’t seen it, somehow in this past scene
The situation is understood, and the story structure is easy for new people to see.
On the other hand, all the scenes I have already seen are fans who were watching the work.
I’m worried that the tempo has collapsed a little.

Death and promise

Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

She receives a certain request while having such a feeling that she has nowhere to go.
“A letter sent by a boy on the verge of death to his family.”
Death is something that Violet doesn’t want to accept.
That’s why she’s emotionally shaken by someone’s “last” letter.

Expressing in words, she gives her experience to a boy who is wondering what to convey
Spell the boy’s letter while interweaving.
It’s not just a matter of writing it literally.
Because it is an important letter to convey “thoughts”
Because she has regained her emotions, she can write a letter close to the boy.

Violet Evergarden, which has grown up as an automatic doll
You can even feel dignified.
This work contains the theme of “brother and brother”.

The hospitalized boy yells at his younger brother, gets angry, and hits hard.
The figure is a “colonel” and a “major” for Violet.
The colonel who was dealing with me with a tight attitude and the major who was kind to me.
Differences in brothers’ attitudes, meaning of brothers’ attitudes toward younger brothers.

Violet Evergarden knows that.


Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Deet Fleet Bougainvillea has a violet
The elder brother of the dear Major. He is also a handy person who pushed himself to the Major.
Even after the war was over, he hit her hard and
His attitude toward her was more severe because his younger brother died.

However, there are some things that can only be understood between him and her.
It’s a feeling for my younger brother who has disappeared.He and violet
I can’t give up my feelings for “Major Gilbert”.

Born into a military family, he could only become a soldier.
My brother is good for his parents, as if he sees such a brother and protects him
I was trying to go home.
Because of the complicated emotions of being a brother and the fact that he pushed him against his brother
Regret that he lost his younger brother.

Colonel, Major and Violet are both perpetrators and victims of the war.
The scars of war remain deep in everything involved in the war.
We can only heal each other’s wounds by talking to each other about the Major.


Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Under such circumstances, “Major’s survival” is confirmed.
It’s a moment when Violet keeps thinking and wishing.
She explodes her emotions, with expectations, confusion, impatience, anxiety, and hope.
The scene that explodes emotions that I can’t organize
The side watching is tightened in the chest.

What should I talk about when I meet, am I not crazy?
With the joy of being alive and meeting
The feelings that have grown over time arouse anxiety.

However, some may not be convinced about the survival of the Major.
The original was modified at the time of the TV animation, and originally it was earlier
Violet and Major should have been able to meet again
Stretched to make the movie version,
Some may not be satisfied with the “reason” for the extension.


Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

The Major did not want to be a soldier. Born in a military family
I could only be a soldier, I had no choice but to be a soldier.
I didn’t want to go to war. Must do
I could only do that. He is also a victim of the war.

The war is over, my body is hurt, and my heart is hurt.
If you let me know that you are alive, you will be returned to the army
As a soldier, you may have to take someone’s life again.
That’s why he turned around, falsified his name, and went to a city where no adult man was in the war.
He was sitting there as “Atonement”.

My thoughts on “violet” are also complicated.
I definitely love her, but at the same time her presence
For the Major, it is the “sin of war” itself.
Using a young child who does not have to participate in the war as a tool of the war,
As a result, the girl’s arms were lost in the war.

At the same time I love “Violet Evergarden”
To him she is the sin of war. It can be said that it is a liability.
That is why he cannot meet Violet.

can not meet

Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Two people have a conversation through one door and one door.
You can forcibly kick it and go inside, but the violet
I don’t do that, and I hope to meet myself at the will of the Major,
The Major does not want it.

It can be said that it is a complicated psychological depiction, and at the same time, depending on the person, the attitude of this major
Actions and dialogue are also the parts that make me feel “troublesome”.
Violet’s long-held desire to meet,
Because she has regained her emotions, her emotions explode and her facial expressions
I even feel frustrated by the Major who doesn’t fit stubbornly just because I sympathize with him.

To be clear, I’ve become a pretty annoying man,
It ends up being a character with different tastes,
After all, I was worried about various things, but at the end I got a “letter” from Violet
Although the flow of making a decision to meet was good,
It’s a development that makes you feel a little roundabout.


Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Originally it is a moving scene, although it has a predictable ending
Although it is a good point of this work that you can cry
The director of this work is still “over-directed” from the TV animation,
More than TV animation, especially the last scene is a production that makes you feel dull.

It will be a complete spoiler, but the Major is from the violet
Receive the letter and decide to meet Violet.
However, Violet has already departed from the island where the Major is.

This flow itself is also solid.
In many works, there are similar situations not only on ships but also on trains.
It is drawn and even in “Tamako Love Story” which is a work of the same production company
A similar situation is drawn.

However, in the case of such a situation,
Many have a pattern of “just in time” before departure.
However, this work is not in time at all.
I understand that I want to show such a royal road scene,
The ship is too far away. I’m worried about that and can’t be impressed.

I didn’t laugh at this, but the violet
It’s too much to notice the Major and jump off the ship.
I can still see that it will jump off just after leaving the port,
At a distance where you have to swim a lot after leaving the shore firmly
It makes me laugh a little at the scene where I jump in.

The crying face of the last reunion scene is also in the drawing of this work
It is a crying face that has collapsed considerably, so that the face collapses so much
I feel that I wanted to meet you, but
At the same time, “excessive production” is the last scene.
There is a part that feels redundant enough to be worrisome, and I can’t cry at the end.

In a word, the director Taichi Ishidate’s production is terrible.
I firmly felt the drawbacks from TV animation even at the end of the movie,
Although it is a work that makes me cry unintentionally due to the excessive production
It’s a work that makes you worried about such small catches.


General comment: I didn’t cry, I was made to cry

Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Overall, the closing of the work called Violet Evergarden
The story is well organized and beautifully drawn.
The wounds and atonements of those who have experienced the war, saying that they cannot meet because they love them
It beautifully depicts the ending of emotions and complex thoughts.

However, at the same time, the story is totally redundant.
A story from a future perspective, a story about a boy who is about to die from the present perspective
Three stories of Violet and Major are drawn,
I know what I want to draw one by one, but between the lines
It has been extended by including past scenes.

If you put this work in about 2 hours instead of 2 hours 20 minutes
It might have been just right. The more I feel so
The scene has been delayed in some places,
In the meantime, the extension is often due to the production, and I feel it is excessive.
It’s like drawing a good scene in 20 seconds in 10 seconds.

The story itself is good, and the scene you want to draw and the meaning you want to draw are solid
At the same time as it is transmitted, it is too “persistent” to try to convey it
It’s a work that seems to have been born.
However, the ending of the story is nothing more than this,
The story is over so beautiful.

There is also the strength of the production, and it certainly makes me cry. However,
Rather than crying like a TV anime
I feel like I was made to cry, and I can’t agree with the tears I shed.
It was a work that remained.

Personal impression: Meaning of love

Image source: From “Violet Evergarden the Movie” blockbuster thanks PV
© Kana Akatsuki / Kyoto Animation / Violet Evergarden Production Committee

Although this is a personal interpretation
Violet Evergarden was told by the Major
I asked for the meaning of “I love you”.
From the appearance and words of the Major drawn in the TV animation, the love contained in these words is
Not the love of “men and women”, not the weapons, but the human beings, or as a family
It felt like love.

But in this movie it’s completely “male and female” love.
Was this work a love story?And suddenly at the end
There is a strong sense of incongruity that the genre has changed,
Violet may have had such a romantic side,
There is a depiction that the Major feels that way.

When did the Major love Violet as a “woman”?
Such a question arises, and this area depends on individual interpretation.
It may be different, but for me personally
The work “Violet Evergarden”
It wasn’t a love story, but it suddenly became a love story
It has become a work that leaves a feeling that the discomfort cannot be completely digested.

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