Violet Evergarden Home Video Release Update – All the Anime

Violet Evergarden Home Video Release Update – All the Anime

(This was published on 22nd January 2021)

This is a brief update on the status of our Violet Evergarden release – which has been delayed while we looked into video quality issues that were brought our attention late last year; just before Christmas.


We paused our release to enquire with a specialist authoring house to look at the video materials and see if we can improve them. The answer is yes!

This means all four discs will be getting reauthored from the ground up.

In terms of a time frame for this to be completed, we are currently estimating this process to be completed and the product to be released come April 2021.

Anime Limited remains committed to delivering the best possible edition on first release we can, which is why we’re delaying it not just shipping then offering a replacement scheme.

We thank you for your understanding and patience on this. We know a lot of you are excited to have our release of Violet Evergarden in your collection. It will be worth the wait, and we can’t excited for you to have the best experience possible with this.


If you’ve pre-ordered this from our online shop, orders for this will be shipped as soon as the new discs are ready. (We will also be contacting customers who have pre-ordered this directly too.)

If you pre-ordered elsewhere, once the new release date has been finalised, that date will be adjusted accordingly with retailers.

Thank for taking the time to read this, and if you haven’t already you can still pre-order our Collector’s Edition release of Violet Evergarden from our AllTheAnime online shop –

and other retailers including the following –

Pre-order at Amazon UK

Pre-order at Anime-On-Line

Signing out~!




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