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VinSmart will produce 5G phones "made in Vietnam", sold from April 2020

VinSmart research and production company (belonging to VinGroup) has just announced the cooperation with Fujitsu technology company (Fujitsu Group of Japan) and Qualcomm to produce Vsmart 5G phone. That means we will have 5G made in Vietnam smartphones manufactured in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park (HN) and expected to be sold in the US, Europe and other markets around the world from April 2020.

This Vsmart 5G will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 5G modular platform, featuring Fujitsu outstanding features such as battery saving, IP68 waterproof, optimal 4G + 5G antenna system, etc. VinGroup also promises to carry up to 1 reasonable price.

In addition, this cooperation agreement also names Vietnam as one of the first 5G phone manufacturers in the world. Since the launch of 4 Vsmart, VinSmart has taken many big steps such as bringing their smartphones to sell in Spain and Myanmar. Expected in 2019, VinSmart will introduce 10 more smartphones and many other smart devices.


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