VinSmart cooperated with Fujisu and Qualcomm, launched 5G phone in April 2020 - VnReview

VinSmart cooperated with Fujisu and Qualcomm, launched 5G phone in April 2020 – VnReview

June 28, 2019 in Hanoi, VinSmart Research and Production Company under Vingroup announced the cooperation agreement with Fujitsu Technology Company (Fujitsu Group of Japan) and Qualcomm Group ( USA) to develop 5G smart phones.

Under this agreement, VinSmart and its partners Fujitsu and Qualcomm will cooperate to develop a 5G model with Vsmart brand. This device will use Qualcomm's Snapdragon 5G modular platform, while incorporating Fujitsu's advanced features such as battery saving, IP68 waterproof standard, optimal 4G + 5G antenna system …

In cooperation with Qualcomm and Fujitsu, VinSmart plans to ship the first 5G phones at its Hoa Lac factory in Hanoi in April 2020. Besides the main market of Vietnam, VinSmart 5G phones are expected to be sold in the US and European markets.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang – Vice President and General Director of Vingroup said: “Cooperating with the world's leading technology partners such as Fujitsu, Qualcomm is in the strategy to welcome and apply modern technology to electricity production. Voice and smart devices at Vsmart project We are committed to providing our customers with products that not only guarantee quality, security and safety, but also have advanced facilities and technologies " .

According to VinSmart, in cooperation with major technology partners such as Fujitsu, Qualcomm will help the company's engineers quickly approach, capture and develop the next generation 5G phones independently. . This cooperation agreement also officially registered VinSmart as one of the early 5G phone manufacturers in the world.

VinSmart entered the phone manufacturing sector in June 2018 and launched the first 4 product lines in 12/2018. Currently, this company has sold VinSmart phones in Vietnam, Spain and Myanmar. In 2019, VinSmart is expected to introduce about 10 new smartphone models along with other smart devices.


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