Vingroup started a smart phone factory with a capacity of 125 million units / year - Photo 1.
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Vingroup started the smart phone factory with a capacity of 125 million units / year

The factory is located in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park on an area of ​​15.2 hectares. The first phase of the plant is expected to be completed on August 15, 2019, with a capacity of 23 million units per year. In October 2019, the second phase of the plant will be completed with a capacity of 34 million units / year. In early 2020, the plant will reach the highest capacity of 125 million units when officially completed.

The factory is designed to strictly adhere to international standards for electronics and telecommunications manufacturing plants such as IPC-A-610, TL 9000. The production environment is fully controlled for temperature. , humidity, electrostatic discharge control as well as air cleanliness to ensure the highest quality for the product.

The equipment and machinery of VinSmart are the most advanced. In particular, SMT parts welding line, fully automated circuit inspection line, the most advanced technology of the US, Germany and Japan; Qualcomm's testing and calibration software (USA); Product testing sections on assembly lines are also automated. All of them meet the highest standards in industrial production of the world, towards maximum automation, minimizing human error, increasing quality, increasing capacity and accuracy. VinSmart factory is ready to produce not only Vsmart-branded phones but also can produce and lease to leading mobile phone companies in the world with the most stringent standards of quality.

VinSmart technology is developed on a high standard basis on the basis of close cooperation with the world's largest technology firms such as Qualcomm, Google, ArcSoft, DxO … to update the most advanced technologies in the field. smart device. Regarding product design, VinSmart cooperates with many designers (IDH – Independent House), many ODM (Original design manufacturer) …

Vingroup started a smart phone factory with a capacity of 125 million units / year - Photo 2.

Besides, with the ownership of thousands of high-tech experts in foreign countries and Vietnam, VinSmart has brought great advantages in mastering technology from product research and development to electronic equipment production. Smart with the most modern technology.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Quang (Vice President and CEO of Vingroup) said: "After a period of deploying and joining the field of mobile phone manufacturing, our products are very well received by the market. Especially, we received many outsourcing orders from major partners from Europe and the US That's why we decided to invest in building a factory with a capacity of 25 houses. existing machines in Hai Phong to meet domestic and international demand. "

Vingroup started a smart phone factory with a capacity of 125 million units / year - Photo 3.

In addition to telephones, VinSmart will invest in building factories producing smart and connected electronic products (IoT) such as SmartHome, SmartTV … VinSmart company also approaches firms providing chipsets and components. and domestic and international accessories to directly own the supply chain and control the production quality of smart electronic devices before placing them on the market.

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