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Vingroup launches Vietnam’s first strong authentication cloud service

Strong, passwordless authentication is an inevitable trend that is being supported and promoted by all major technology firms in the world under the leadership of the World Online Authentication Alliance (FIDO Alliance). To fully solve the problem of applying strong passwordless authentication in businesses and organizations, it is necessary to have platforms and services that are compatible with international technology standards and deployed in multiple forms. different formats, at a reasonable cost for each customer group.

VinCSS FIDO2 Cloud service is an Authentication-as-a-Service platform that simultaneously supports FIDO2 standards and system-based authentication standards (OAuth2, SAML2 and OpenID Connect), translation service provides a single sign-on user experience and Federated Identity management capabilities across the enterprise digital ecosystem with safety is much higher than today.

For businesses with a large number of internal users, a large number of applications, providing products and services to outside (such as banks, e-commerce floors, super apps …), it will take a lot of time. and it will be difficult to deploy and integrate a strong authentication service. VinCSS FIDO2 Cloud service will be provided to a group of customers in the form of a private cloud service or inside an on-premise (on-premise), significantly shortening the deployment time, simplifying the management. value and significantly reduce costs.

For small and medium businesses, startups or freelance groups, programmers who are difficult to qualify for service will also be offered as a cloud service. public cloud with extremely low cost to be able to access and benefit from strong authentication technology without password.

Mr. Do Ngoc Duy Trac, General Director of VinCSS Cyber ​​Security Services Company Limited (Vingroup) said: “The VinCSS FIDO2 Cloud service is born as the last piece of the VinCSS FIDO2 Ecosystem. By launching this service, we are proud to present to the world a completely Make In Vietnam technology platform that is developed according to international standards and can fully solve the problem of strong authentication applications. no passwords for customers. Right in 2021, we will coordinate with partners and distributors to introduce and bring this technology to domestic and foreign customers.. “

VinCSS is currently one of two companies in the world in passwordless authentication chosen to be Microsoft’s 2020 Identity partner, together with the world’s largest company in passwordless authentication – Yubico. Commenting on VinCSS is rapidly approaching the thriving, very vibrant authentication market, Biometrics Research Group has evaluated: “VinCSS has recently been recognized by Microsoft along with continuously achieving many FIDO2 certificates in This year is a sign of the increasing presence of Vietnam’s technology and reputation in the international arena. Being chosen by the “giant” Microsoft shows world-level confidence in VinCSS’s ability to satisfy the most demanding customers and markets. “

Previously, Vingroup Group announced the VinCSS FIDO2 Ecosystem including key types (hardkey / softkey), authentication servers / services, and types of cloud services (public / private / on-premise). , programming and utility libraries, consulting services, integration, support and FIDO2 technology integration products (phones, smart cars, IoT). VinCSS FIDO2 has been granted 4 international FIDO2 certificates, with a product recommended by Microsoft for use on the Azure AD platform.


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