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Vingroup builds a large and modern phone factory … replaced by Foxconn iPhone

Today, June 10, Vingroup officially started construction of the Vsmart smart phone factory project in Hoa Lac, Thach That High-Tech Park, Hanoi. The factory has an area of ​​15.2 hectares and when officially completed in 2020, it will be able to reach a capacity of 125 million units / year, which is 25 times larger than the factory in Hai Phong.

Accordingly, the plant will have 3 phases: phase 1 will be completed on August 15, 2019 with a capacity of 23 million units / year, phase 2 will be completed in October 2019 with a capacity of 34 million units / year. and phase 3 is in early 2020, officially completing the whole process.

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The factory will use a fully automated circuit inspection line, SMT / SMT welding technology line and US / Japan technology; Qualcomm's testing and calibration software; automating product inspection stages on assembly lines; maximizing automation according to European technology standards … VinSmart factory also aims to not only produce Vsmart phones but also produce and lease phones to the world's mobile phones with strict standards of quality. By current, according to the representative of VinGroup, they have received many processing orders from Europe and America.

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The factory also strictly complies with international standards for telecommunications electronics manufacturing plants such as IPC-A610, TL 9000 and complete control of temperature, humidity, static discharge, humidity When, air clean, .. to ensure product quality.

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VinSmart technology will be developed on a high standard basis, cooperating with Qualcomm, Google, ArcSoft, DxO, … Regarding design, they will cooperate with many designers, many ODM, … Coming soon. Next to the phone, VinSmart will invest in building smart electronic products and connected IoT plants such as Smarthome, SmartTV, ….


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