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Vingroup and Mobile World are listed among the top 50 listed companies in Asia Pacific

Vingroup and Mobile World, with market capitalization of US $ 14.1 billion and US $ 1.7 billion respectively, are the two representatives of Vietnam to be listed in the top 50 listed companies in Asia. Asia Pacific (Fab 50) in 2018 announced by Forbes Asia on June 6.

2018 is the second consecutive year Mobile World has entered the top 50 leading listed companies in Asia Pacific. The company, led by Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, is a leading phone and electronics retailer in Vietnam and is in the process of expanding into food retail. In 2017, Mobile World’s revenue and profit after tax increased by 49% and 40% compared to the previous year.

Vingroup is a multi-industry investment group of Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong – Vietnam’s first billionaire. Vingroup is aiming to become a technology-industrial group, besides real estate, tourism, retail, healthcare, education, etc. Last year, Vingroup grew by 55% and 27% respectively. % of revenue and profit after tax.

This is the first time that two Vietnamese companies have joined the Fab 50 list in the same year. Vietnam has never had a company listed on Forbes Asia’s Fab 50 list before 2016. In 2016, Vinamilk was the first Vietnamese company and in 2017, Mobile World was named Fab 50.

The list of Fab 50 by Forbes Asia is screened from 1,744 companies that have been listed for at least one year in the region and have a minimum turnover of two billion US dollars. Forbes Asia did not select companies with losses or revenue less than five years ago. Fab 50 will also exclude companies with high debt ratios, owned by the state or listed parent companies that own more than 50% of the shares. Subsequently, Forbes Asia financially analyzed the companies to determine the effective and impressive business growth companies.

This year’s Fab 50 list continues to be dominated by Chinese companies. Up to 30 companies from China made the Fab 50 in 2018. Tencent is Alibaba as the top two companies of Fab 50. India has seven companies, Japan has five companies on the list this year.

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* Source: Forbes Vietnam


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