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VinFast cooperates with Austrian company to pack battery packs for electric cars, which will be launched in 2020

VinFast has just announced a cooperation agreement with the Austrian company Kreisel Electric in the field of transport electrification – to develop a solution for packaging batteries for electric cars. The car manufacturer of VinGroup is expected to soon produce and market the first electric cars and electric buses in 2020.

VinFast will use a battery pack solution with technology from Kreisel Electric. Since then they can produce immediately at the factory located in Hai Phong, which has been inaugurated since June 14, 2019. The goal of the Vietnamese car manufacturer wants to aim at high capacity, light weight, high safety and reliability.

Battery pack solutions are an important part of an electric car's overall. Kreisel Electric has just been established in 2014 but the company has successfully developed large capacity and lightweight battery solutions. Some of the projects that Kreisel Electric has cooperated with major car brands in the world:

  • ABT Audi RS6-E Hybrid Concept: A car made by ABT Sportsline owns a 13.6 kWh battery capacity, helping this model increase the capacity of 213 horsepower and the torque of 317 Nm in combination with the engine burn in 730 horsepower capacity.
  • The first-generation Porsche Panamera 4S uses an 85 kWh battery arranged in a T-shape near the gearbox as well as a replacement of the fuel tank. There are a total of 8,160 Li-ion battery cells with a protective shell system, control chip with a total volume of about 510 kg.

VinFast also announced the launch of electric cars and electric buses in 2020. The first product will probably be a car belonging to the A-segment like fully electric Fadil. Electric buses previously will use the Siemens platform currently applied in some European countries. VinFast plans to launch a total of 12 models of cars and electric motorbikes in 2019 and 2020.

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