ViewSonic VG2455: Display well, but flexibility is the real highlight - VnReview

ViewSonic VG2455: Display well, but flexibility is the real highlight – VnReview

To make a screen for office people is something that is both easy and difficult. It must have good display quality and flexibility to meet a variety of needs, from reading text, surfing the web, programming to watching movies, playing games after stressful working hours. ViewSonic VG2455 is the product that gives you both.

ViewSonic has a presence in Vietnam for a long time, with many products stretching towards many subjects.

With a suggested selling price of VND 5.8 million, ViewSonic VG2455 can be said to be significantly more expensive than the 24-inch office monitors that you often find in the market. What does that difference bring you? And are they worth it? In this article, VnReview will help you answer those questions.

Compact design, delicate, very flexible

Temporarily not discussing the design of the screen, the first thing the writer is satisfied with VG2455 is the box of the product. It's not because the box has an eye-catching design, but Viewsonic chooses recycled paper and monochrome prints. It is a small action, but it shows that the company is concerned about the environment.

VG2455 has a neat, square design and looks quite similar to other office monitors from Dell or HP. The screen has a size of 24 inches, a Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) resolution, just enough, not pitted like 27-inch screens with the same resolution.

The highlight of this screen is the top edge and two thinly made side edges to optimize the display space, while increasing the aesthetics, minimizing discomfort when you use two or more screens together. a time.

The bottom of the screen is also not too thick, keeping the aesthetics. In the middle is the ViewSonic imprinted logo quite "genuine", while in the right corner of the screen are hard keys to access the features. These buttons have good bounce, but due to their small size, it is difficult to press a bit.

According to the manufacturer, VG2455 has been color-balanced available from the factory. In addition to SuperClear image enhancement technology, this monitor also has a number of optimized display modes for different needs such as working, watching movies, playing games, monochrome, MAC. However, table of contents and settings when controlled by physical buttons are difficult to remember and trouble, it takes a while to get used to.

ViewSonic also has vDisplay Manager software so you can set up color mode, as well as features like auto split screen, horizontal / vertical screen rotation, …

The flexibility of VG2455 is a very valuable highlight. Raising, lowering, rotating right and left to rotate the screen vertically, this screen has a huge advantage when it is compatible with a lot of space, desk height and different working purposes.

The base area of ​​VG2455 is designed to be minimalist, large in size for good stability. You can put personal items such as smartphones, keys, … on this stand, but in return it will cost a lot of desk space. The hinge is circular, allowing users to turn left or right with the screen at 60 degrees, very comfortable.

The back of VG2455 is somewhat cared for the design so it is not boring, with the highlight being a big silver-painted base, with straps so you can move the screen more easily. . This stand base is very large for users to have access to the cord, making the work space more compact.

On the top right corner of the screen is the brand name ViewSonic with outstanding silver paint is quite eye-catching, besides that is a large size radiator cavity to ensure the screen does not overheat when used for a long time.

Notably, the screen is also equipped with two loudspeaker strips with a total capacity of 4W, of course the sound quality is only "fireproof", cannot be expected much.

The number of connection ports continues to be a highlight of VG2455. In addition to the power port, we will have: USB 3.0 Type-A, USB 3.0 Type-B, DVI, HDMI 1.4, Display Port 1.2 and especially USB 3.1 Type-C. This USB 3.1 Type-C port allows users to "exploit" in many different ways: You can transfer data faster, charge your phone, laptop with a maximum capacity of up to 60W, connected to the The adapter uses a Type-C port to expand more connection ports or use ViewSonic's Daisy Chain feature (plug in the screens together).

Besides, VG2455 also has two downstream USB 3.0 ports on the left side of the screen, making it easy for users to quickly plug in peripheral devices.

Good display quality, not only with office tasks

Equipped with IPS panel with anti-glare coating, ViewSonic VG2455 reproduces good colors, wide viewing angles, less distortion. The brightness and contrast of VGF2455 are also quite good. With 94% sRGB color coverage, not just ordinary office tasks like Word, Excel, you can also edit photos as well as amateur video editing on this screen.

When watching movies and playing games, VG2455 offers a better experience than what writers expect in an office screen. The colors are slightly pushed up to the same thin screen border so I like the eyes, the cutscene in the Hitman 2 game that the test writer was reproduced vividly. The scanning frequency of this monitor is only 60Hz, the first-person shooter (FPS) probably should consider choosing other monitors with higher scan frequencies, and the need for regular gaming then VG2455 is fully responsive.

Summary: Absolutely worth the money!

From what is shown, ViewSonic VG2455 can be completely worth the higher price compared to normal office screens. The design is neat, sophisticated, extremely flexible and the display quality meets the needs, it can be seen that the goal of ViewSonic with this monitor is to play "flat" with Dell's Ultrasharp series, and they have absolutely reason to believe in their competitiveness.

Plus mark

+ Compact design, thin edges, flexible brackets

+ Rich connection port, including USB Type C port for data transfer, image, battery charging

+ Display quality satisfies many needs

Minus point

– Price is not easy to reach

Hoan Dang

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