Viettel Post will massively sign 3,500 labor contracts in July to speed up Mygo and - VnReview

Viettel Post will massively sign 3,500 labor contracts in July to speed up Mygo and – VnReview

Viettel Post is expected to sign contracts with about 3,500 employees in the first month of launching the Mygo app and electric trading platform to promote these two new platforms.

The application called Mygo car and electric trading platform has just been launched by Viettel Post (Viettel Post) on July 1 last. At the launch, Viettel Post announced that they will sign a labor contract with 7500 new employees in the second half of this year to develop Mygo and In July alone, Viettel Post plans to evaluate and sign contracts with about 3,500 employees.

Subjects considered by Viettel Post to sign labor contracts are employees who are working and working as partners for the Corporation and have not signed labor contracts. Unlike other car calling applications, Viettel Post calls technology drivers partners and has a policy to sign labor contracts with those who wish to have long-term cooperation.

Mygo application currently has 106,000 vehicles participating in the launch of July 1

"Viettel Post is one of the two largest delivery companies in Vietnam. This is an advantage, a difference. We will focus on real and long-term values, MyGo partners will not only With a stable income, Viettel Post will build and cultivate the brand name of Vietnamese callers and Vietnamese people, ”said Tran Trung Hung, Viettel Post General Director.

According to the announcement of Viettel Post, in the short term, partners MyGo are awarded 1 million VND when registering to be a successful MyGo driver (MyGo partner will be withdrawn cash when their income from MyGo service reaches the level VND 20 million); MyGo's real income is 80% and is rewarded with an additional 15% of the revenue when the service is completed (the period lasts until August 31, 2019); reimbursed uniforms when completing 450 trips, with a receiving and completing rate of 80% or more.

In the long run, the benefits that Viettel Post brings to MyGo partners is a stable job with the lowest cost when they are free of data capacity of 3G / 4G for Viettel subscribers, allowing passenger transport. combine small shipment and especially the opportunity to become an employee signed by Viettel Post.

By the time of the official launch on the morning of July 1, the Mygo technology vehicle application had nearly 106,000 partners installing the application and on average every day there were 5,000 new partners joining.

In order to attract users, Viettel Post has just announced the implementation of the program "High-priced constant-peak hours" for Mygo customers. Accordingly, Viettel Post commits in the period from now to the end of August 31, 2019, the price of using MyGo service of customers will not be increased, the team will follow the peak hours as well as when Disadvantage


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