Viettel Post opens an automatic logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City - VnReview

Viettel Post opens an automatic logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City – VnReview

Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation (Viettel Post) has officially opened an automated logistics center for the selection and completion of orders in Ho Chi Minh City, helping to shorten the time to process postal parcels and reduce manpower. .

The new logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City of Viettel Post is located in District 12, applying many modern technologies in the operation and monitoring of two main centers, the center of selection and the Fulfillment center (the center for completing orders). .

In the Fulfillment Center, Viettel Post provides a full range of services including warehousing, storage, order processing, labeling, shipping, picking, shipping by AGV robot to transport goods and storage. move, sort, and coordinate randomly based on road optimization. Order completion service will provide a comprehensive solution for customers, especially e-commerce customers. Customers only need to focus on selling, all logistics will be automatically performed by Viettel Post to deliver goods to customers.

At Viettel Post’s new selection center in Ho Chi Minh City, the automatic split conveyor system has a capacity of 42,000 parcels / hour. According to Viettel Post, this is the only integrated system in Vietnam that is automatically divided into 50kg and small goods in the same split scenario developed by the company. This automatic selection conveyor belt will help Viettel Post automatically divide and select each district. Goods after being selected through this logistics center will be connected to customers without the need to perform a second split as currently.

In addition, Viettel Post also applies AI artificial intelligence technology to monitor the only 1 in – 1 operation flow, identify people entering, entering; automatic warning of smoke, fire and explosion in warehouse … at logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City.

Tran Trung Hung, general director of Viettel Post, said the launch of an automated logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City is an effort to help reduce logistics costs and contribute to building logistics infrastructure in Vietnam, where the 80% of the flow of goods is controlled by foreign enterprises.

According to calculations by Viettel Post, the new logistics center in Ho Chi Minh City helps to reduce the whole time to connect the mail to 6 hours, the error rate in the selection is almost zero, optimal 91% of manpower and supply Automatic order completion solution for customers.


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