Viettel Post launched Mygo car app and e-commerce floor - VnReview

Viettel Post launched Mygo car app and e-commerce floor – VnReview

Both of these platforms of ViettelPost have differences compared to the products available in the market.

This morning (July 1), Viettel Post Corporation (Viettel Post) officially launched MyGo car call application and e-commerce platform.

Viettel Post launches service for calling Mygo technology vehicles

MyGo is a car call and delivery service, currently providing services to call motorbikes and cars. Although newly launched, Viettel Post's car service has covered 63 provinces and cities all over the country from the beginning. This is a big difference between Mygo and other car-calling apps that usually only provide services in a few locations in the beginning.

In addition to the coverage area, Mr. Tran Trung Hung, General Director of Viettel Post said that Mygo focused mainly on delivery based on ViettelPost's postage strengths and also took advantage of the car to transport passengers. Mygo's system will calculate the supply path to ensure it does not affect delivery and passenger services. Taking advantage of both delivery and passenger on the same journey, Mygo's price will be 5-7% cheaper than other car calling services.

Mygo covers the whole country from the beginning

Mygo drivers will have the opportunity to sign a formal labor contract with Vietttel Post. This year, Viettel Post is expected to sign a labor contract with about 7500 drivers. In addition, the driver will get free 3G / 4G package.

Up to now, ViettelPost said Mygo application has 105,000 registered drivers, of which nearly 98,000 motorbikes, more than 7200 cars and 600 trucks. Particularly yesterday (June 30), Mygo successfully provided about 5800 hoes. trading floor focuses on supporting farmers to buy and sell agricultural products

Meanwhile, e-commerce floor Viettel Post focuses on selling to help farmers buy and sell agricultural products to end users. Therefore, this commercial floor interface is designed to be minimal, just need a few clicks to complete the purchase.

Currently, has 7,000 suppliers. From now until mid-July, Viettel Post expects the number of suppliers to increase to 30,000. Viettel Post also has approval process and inspects suppliers to ensure quality for goods traded on In addition to selling on the floor, Mr. Tran Trung Hung said Viettel Post will support suppliers on to promote products directly at 6,000 points for receiving mail of the group.


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