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Viettel gives lucky money for the new year 10k Viettel ++ points, please come and receive it

I surf the web and see Viettel lucky money at the beginning of the year, compose it, and then I will get 10k Viettel ++ points to change to 4G data, call minutes, SMS, mobile charges or package. Brothers compose messages LIXI to send 9000 After waiting a moment, there will be a gift message immediately.

Then install the My Viettel app here.

Login or register if not done click the button Viettel ++ In the middle will see your score information. Press Redeem gifts, choose a gift you like.

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If I choose DATA, the redemption point is 1,000 points = 100MB, but I get 10k points, so I can exchange 1GB data. Drag the bar to select the number of points to be changed, the exchanged data will appear, press Confirm is done.


Happy New Year, full of happiness ?

. (vn_ninja)

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