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[Vietsub] Netflix launched the first trailer to reveal the content of The Witcher blockbuster

In the promotional campaign for The Witcher TV series, Netflix has unveiled an extremely attractive and appealing trailer. With animation like coming out of a video game, Geralt of Henry Cavill left the viewer with a strong impression.

With the creation of Henry Cavill as Geralt, we can clearly see The Witcher filmmakers studying very well to be able to create an outfit almost identical in the game of the same name. Geralt of Henry has an exaggerated appearance and a cold expression, possessing silver hair and a steel sword (Witcher's steel sword) clinging to the original shape.

In addition to Geralt's creation, Netflix also announced the creation of other characters like Yennifer and Ciri. As expected, Netflix's The Witcher will be aired this fall.

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