Vietnam's digital content rights protection solution Sigma Multi-DRM is globally certified - VnReview
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Vietnam’s digital content rights protection solution Sigma Multi-DRM is globally certified – VnReview

Digital content copyright protection solution Sigma Multi-DRM of the company Thudo Multimedia Joint Stock Company (Thudo Multimedia) has just passed the test of Cartesian, an organization specializing in testing security products In the world.

This is the second time the Sigma Multi-DRM solution has passed Cartesian’s accreditation and inspection procedures. With this test, Sigma Multi-DRM including a combination of 4 security solutions Play Ready, Widevine, Fairplay and Sigma DRM has met the criteria for global copyright holders to agree to provide content in the environment. Internet.

Thudo Multimedia has also completed the integration of security solutions from Microsoft, Google and Apple to form the Sigma Multi-DRM integrated copyright protection solution after years of training and get security certificates from these firms.

Sigma Multi-DRM solution received the Cartesian security certificate in October 2020.

According to Thudo Multimedia, Sigma Multi-DRM is a solution that meets the security requirements at the operating system level (Operating System) that is often awarded by valuable copyright holders such as Hollywood studios and awards. Premier League. In addition, this solution also meets the 3rd party application level security requirements.

With the completion of accreditation for Sigma Multi-DRM products from Cartesian, Thudo Multimedia is the first enterprise in Vietnam and one of six enterprises in Asia to achieve this certification. Up to this point, Catersian has certified digital content rights management (DRM) security solutions for 20 businesses globally.

Thudo Multimedia is one of 6 Asian businesses and 20 globally certified by Cartesian

“Achieving Cartesian accreditation gives Sigma Multi-DRM a natural foothold globally because the solution has met the most complex content protection requirements on each receiver. This solution meets the need for many different copyright holders that require different content protection solutions, ”said Nguyen Ngoc Han, General Director of Thudo Multimedia.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Han, the first thing Sigma Multi-DRM wants to aim for is the protection of copyrighted television content and the field of electronic publishing. Literary works, musical works, creative works of great value in general will not be developed on digital platform without solutions to protect copyright. In addition, Sigma Multi-DRM is also a solution to secure private data for civil security camera systems and in smart city operating solutions.

In addition to providing the key to decoding signals, Sigma Multi-DRM also integrates a cluster of content protection solutions including device port write protection (HDCP) or content detection and prevention. (Finger Print Online), to form a total solution to both protect content and prevent distribution of infringing content.

Currently, Sigma Multi-DRM has been deployed to Internet TV service providers (OTT TV), livestreaming of many major domestic and foreign partners. Sigma Multi-DRM solution is currently being used to protect TV content of K +, Box, VTVcab as well as Hollywood movie content on VTVcab ON TV application of Vietnam Cable Television Corporation. .


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