Vietnamobile launches SIM STONE HI - 20k / month with unlimited data, VoWIFI calls with wifi

Vietnamobile launches SIM STONE HI – 20k / month with unlimited data, VoWIFI calls with wifi

Vietnamobile has just launched 3 new product packages at the same time in Vietnam, including: unlimited HI sim data with 20k / month, integrated Bima application with many features including exchanging gift points (milk tea types), VoLTE & VoWifi voice service to make phone calls using Wifi when losing waves. Christina Hui – New CEO of Vietnamobile said that they are in the process of finalizing to become a national data network.



  • Package price of 20k / month: unlimited data, free in-network voice, free 5 minutes of out-of-network calls. (I think the type will have how many GB of high-speed storage, then still be able to access the network but at a lower speed, just that they have not talked specifically about this part).


  • In addition, with additional support package (for those who want to have more GB of capacity, and unlimited data, every SIM SIM card is available): 2k / 1GB / 1 day , 50k / month get 2GB / day + free on-net call + 40 minutes for out-of-network calls, 200k package for 6 months get 2GB / day + free network + 40 minutes off-net call each month

Bima application: many incentives and gifts


  • Manage sim: subscriber information, account balance, transaction history, how much storage capacity is still in use, all the problems about Vietnamobile sim you are using will be available.
  • Entertainment: movies, games, music
  • Gifts: shake to receive gifts, loyalty programs (earn points to exchange gifts like many current apps – Tinhte application also has:))).
  • Shopping online: buy sim, choose numbers, buy packages, load online cards, ..

VoLTE and VoWIFI voice service:

  • VoLTE: call 4G phone to improve call quality.


  • VoWIFI: This feature is integrated for Galaxy S10, S10 +, S10e uses Vietnamobile sim which allows you to use any wifi network to make phone calls, keep in touch when losing the wave. The difference from OTT applications is that you can call freely in this way for vietnamobile subscribers and other network subscribers without asking anything from the call recipient. For example, if you use wifi to call with zalo, the recipient must have zalo for example. And this feature only requires wifi that you can call. I will try to find sim and try it and share more details with you, because it sounds interesting, especially with your brother or complaining about losing the wave. Call charges are calculated according to the charges you are using.




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