Vietnamese typing method with accent marks on PhotoScape

Vietnamese typing method with accent marks on PhotoScape

To type or write accented Vietnamese on photo editing software PhotoScape today, you need to install a Vietnamese typing tool like Unikey or Vietkey, however, there are many fields that you have already installed but still cannot. Can I type Vietnamese in PhotoScape? So what’s the reason?

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PhotoScape is appreciated by many as not inferior to photo editing software Photoshop, with an intuitive interface, users easily use PhotoScape than Photoshop. However, many users have questions with ElectrodealPro that they cannot type accented Vietnamese on PhotoScape. The characters when typing accented Vietnamese on PhotoScape were converted to (??), causing annoyance to the user. To type accented Vietnamese in PhotoScape, you just need to perform simple operations.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Instructions for typing in Vietnamese with accents on PhotoScape

Typing and writing Vietnamese with accents on PhotoScape

Download PhotoScape to your computer: Download PhotoScape.
Download Unikey for your computer: Download Unikey.

Step 1: Open the Unikey software on the computer. Moved on Code table on Unikey sang VNI Windows.

Typing method you can choose, you can keep Telex.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Step 2: Access ElectrodealPro to download VNI Font set type in Vietnamese most fully.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Step 3: You highlighted all VNI fonts and press Install to proceed with installing fonts on the computer.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Step 4: Next open PhotoScape, Press Object, select icon T . After that you guys Select Font VNI in the font table.

And try typing accented Vietnamese.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Similarly you can change to another font, just Font VNI … is to be.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Step 5: Finally you press OK to save Vietnamese text just typed in PhotoScape.

Call Vietnamese on photto scape

Above are detailed instructions for users how to type accented Vietnamese on PhotoScape, hope that the article can assist you in using this software.

Not only used for photo editing, PhotoScape software also has a quite useful function of taking pictures of the computer screen. You can take a screenshot of the computer using PhotoScape Then immediately edit the captured photos on this software. This can be seen as a 2 in 1 feature, helping users manipulate immediately with screenshots, saving a lot of time.
An advanced feature of PhotoScape that users prefer is red-eye correction in photos. Many people often think high techniques for photo editing like this are only available in Photoshop. However you are easy fix red eye with PhotoScape with just a few mouse clicks. This is a common mistake when you are taking photos at night and using the Flash.


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